Bridal Business Essentials: Tools You Need When Independent

The options are endless in an industry that encompasses everything from skincare specialists and hairstylists to manicurists and makeup artists, but the most successful independent beauty professionals will tell you no matter the path you take, the “riches are in the niches.” 

Here, we’re homing in on the bridal biz. We know you’ve already got your kit on point, so Bridal Specialist Fiorella Castro is taking us beyond products to share the must-have bridal business essentials every expert needs in the world of weddings.  

1. A Mentor

Find someone who’s been in your shoes before so they can help guide you along the way. “As humans, we’re very quick to self-doubt, but when you have a mentor, you have someone in your corner who reminds you that everything is doable,” says Castro. Even if you’re already established, having someone to bounce ideas off of or set new goals with can help give you more of an edge as an entrepreneur. 

2. Social Media Platforms

Whether a blushing bride is sharing your work or you’re showing off your most recent masterpiece, social media may be an entertaining place to spend time, but as a brand-building tool, it’s essential. Change your social media perspective from fun to strategic, and your business will skyrocket. Fiorella shared, “I’m in the middle of relocating... I used all 30 hashtags for that area and I already have three weddings booked in my new location!” She recommends tagging, hashtagging, and creating video content. “Use everything, and use it to it’s full potential!” And always link your social media pages back to your customized GlossGenius booking site, so brides can easily check out your services, portfolio, and availability.

3. A Mobile Credit Card Reader

As a bridal specialist, it’s likely the majority of your work will be on location, so if you want the fastest and easiest way to get paid, a credit card reader is a must. For a contactless payment terminal that you can set up and show off in seconds, you’ll want to get the gorgeous GlossGenius Chief Money Machine in your toolkit. Castro says, “I don’t have to manually input anyone’s credit card info, and I love that I can take that with me everywhere!”

4. A Streamlined Client Communications Strategy

One of Castro’s favorite hacks is using email campaigns to stay in touch with bridal parties. “I get all of the bridal party’s emails and make an email campaign saying something like ‘Hi, we’re a few days away from the big day! Here’s what I need from you guys...Here’s my contact info…’ and it’s all delivered in a very aesthetically pleasing way – brides love that.” Aside from one-off communications, integrating campaigns into your regular email marketing plan is ideal – use email newsletter best practices to share the latest bridal trends or a marketing template for upcoming promos.

5. Gift Cards

Gift cards work well in the wedding industry in so many ways. From an extra goodie in the bridesmaids’ gift bags to a covert option for someone who wants to cover the bride’s beauty services, it’s a perfect opportunity to upsell and drive future business. Clients can easily purchase a gift card straight from your website when you share your unique GlossGenius link with them.

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