13 Add-On Services for Salons You Can Use to Upsell

Pop quiz: How much is your average ticket? How about your annual income? If you don’t have a ballpark figure in mind, you’ve already got your first homework assignment (or you can just check in your GlossGenius app)! Either way, we’re here to help you get those metrics even higher. Once you know your salon numbers, you have a benchmark for improving them, and one of the best ways to do so is with add-on services. Keep reading to find out the importance of cross selling add-ons and how you can easily get started.

Why Add-On Services Are Good for Your Salon Business

Add-on services create additional value for your salon business in several ways. These extra offers are a great way to introduce new services by giving clients a small sampling before they commit to a whole booking to try something different. For new clients who are still learning more about what you do, add-ons give them ideas for things to try the next time they come in.

Even your loyal clients will find value in being exposed to add-on services. It’s statistically proven that regulars spend more money and it will help shake things up with clients who book the same service every single time so they can earn their place among your highest-spending MVCs (Most Valuable Clients).

Another reason to throw these extras into the mix is that it layers in another moment clients can rave about when they think about your brand experience. Some of the best advertising comes from word of mouth, and when clients are wowed by the complementary offerings that make up your menu, you’ll be giving them plenty to talk about.

13 Ways to Upsell with Add-On Services for Salons

You don’t need to be a stellar salesperson to start upselling these services. There are several easy ways to seamlessly introduce your clients to your bonus offerings. Try one of these ideas when you’re ready to maximize your salon earnings with these extra menu items.

1. Give away some freebies

Just like sampling products, sampling a service is a beneficial way to show your clients the value of what you’re offering and draw them in so they want to come back for more. Throw in a complimentary offering next time you know it’s someone’s birthday or they’re celebrating another special occasion.

2. Create a value pack

Don’t make clients pick and choose their add-on services, instead give them a chance to try them all. Create a special package on your menu that includes a variety of express services to give them an idea of what each involves. Don’t forget to promote your salon service packages via email or social media so everyone knows it's an option. Once clients get a taste, they might choose to go all in on a full-length version the next time or you might even get a few who want to rebook the one-stop-shop package next time they want a complete pampering experience. Either way, your profits are getting a boost.

3. Make an event out of it

Bring in VIPs for a demo night and turn your mini services into a fun speed-dating-style service event. Clients can rotate from station to station where they experience a mini version of each offering. Turn it into a party by peppering in some lively music, bubbly drinks, and tasty canapes – throw some goodie bags in the mix, too, and you might even start selling more salon products as well!

4. Educational Upselling

As a salon owner, every appointment is an opportunity to inform and educate your clients about additional services and products that could benefit them. For example, during a regular haircut, take a moment to explain the advantages of a deep conditioning treatment, especially if you notice their hair could use extra moisture or repair. This approach not only enhances the client experience but also positions you as a trusted expert in hair care. Sharing knowledge about the benefits of certain treatments or new products can lead to increased interest and sales, making educational upselling a key technique in your beauty business.

5. Seasonal and Trend-Based Add-Ons

Stay ahead in the beauty industry by offering seasonal services or treatments that align with current trends and client needs. For instance, introduce a sun-repair hair treatment during summer months or a nourishing moisturizing skin treatment when the weather turns colder. Highlight these seasonal services as limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency. This strategy not only upsells but also keeps your salon relevant and in tune with market trends, potentially attracting new customers who are looking for specific seasonal services.

6. Customized Service Upgrades

Tailor your service recommendations to meet the unique needs of each client. Use your salon software and online booking tools to track client history and preferences. If a client has dry or damaged hair, suggest a hydrating hair mask or a protein treatment as an add-on to their regular service. Personalization is key in upselling techniques; it shows that you are attentive to your clients' needs and are offering solutions that are specifically beneficial to them.

7. Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Implementing loyalty programs is a great way to encourage repeat business and upselling opportunities. Create a system where clients can accumulate points for each service they book, which can later be redeemed for add-on services or discounts on retail products. This not only incentivizes clients to return but also introduces them to services they might not have tried otherwise. Effective management software can help track these points and integrate them with your email marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

8. Special Occasion Packages

Capitalize on special occasions by offering tailor-made packages for events like weddings, proms, or birthdays. These packages could include a combination of services such as a blowout, makeup application, and a manicure at a bundled price. This strategy not only offers clients value but also exposes them to a range of services that your beauty salon offers. It's an effective way to upsell while providing a comprehensive and memorable experience for your clients.

9. Referral Incentives

Referral incentives are a powerful tool for both upselling and attracting new customers. Offer your existing clients a complimentary add-on service or discount for every new referral they bring in. This not only encourages your clients to promote your salon but also expands your clientele. It's a win-win situation where your existing clients feel valued through incentives, and you gain new clients through effective word-of-mouth marketing.

10. Interactive Consultations

Begin each service with a thorough consultation, using this time to suggest add-on services that align with the client's current needs and preferences. For example, if a client books for a basic facial, use the consultation to assess their skin and recommend a specialized serum or an advanced treatment like a peel. Interactive consultations demonstrate your commitment to providing customized care, enhancing the overall client experience and opening doors for upselling.

11. Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers

Create a sense of excitement and urgency with flash sales or limited-time offers on specific add-on services. This can be an effective way to entice clients to try new services they wouldn’t normally consider. Use your salon’s email marketing platform to send out announcements about these offers, making sure to highlight the limited availability to encourage quick bookings.

12. Bundling Popular Services

Consider bundling popular services together at a discounted rate. For instance, pair a hair coloring service with a discounted treatment or offer a facial and massage combo. This not only provides value to your clients but also introduces them to a wider range of services, increasing the likelihood of future bookings for these additional services.

13. Before-and-After Demonstrations

Utilize before-and-after photos or live demonstrations to showcase the results of add-on services. Seeing tangible results is a powerful motivator for clients to try new services. Display these images in your salon, on your website, and across your social media platforms to catch the eye of both existing and potential clients.

By incorporating these strategies into your salon's operations, you can effectively upsell services, thereby enhancing client experiences and boosting the profitability of your beauty business. Upselling products and services becomes an integral part of your business strategy, ensuring your salon remains competitive and successful in the ever-evolving beauty industry.

Add-On Menu Item Ideas for Every Independent Beauty Pro

Additional offerings may be stand-alone services that you already offer or they may be bonus treatments that make the most sense when paired with a larger service. As an example of the former, a makeup artist might offer false eyelashes as an offering on their own, but it’s also the perfect add-on for a full makeup session. In terms of the latter, add-on's can also come in the form of products that you layer on a basic service, like a deep conditioning treatment with a routine wash.

Try to think of these additions as low-commitment offers that won’t become a time suck to your day or become too involved for clients who might be in a hurry. Keeping add-ons short and sweet can contribute to your bottom line without you having to spend too many extra hours in the salon.

Every type of service provider will want to tailor the add-on services they’re able to offer in a way that makes sense for their business flow and skills, but here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • For a masseuse:  Offer a five-minute scalp or hand massage to any hour-long service.
  • For a hairstylist: Offer a conditioning treatment to any service that includes a wash.
  • For an esthetician: Offer a charcoal scrub treatment with any basic facial or skin treatment.
  • For a makeup artist: Offer false lashes with any full makeup application.
  • For a hair removal specialist: Offer a soothing serum or moisturizing treatment with any medium or large wax area.
  • For a nail tech: Offer an additional soaking salt or essential oil tincture with a pedicure.

It may not seem like much, but even a five-minute service can create an additional revenue stream for your salon that will add up in the long run.

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