Trends in Men’s Grooming: Tips for Your Salon or Barbershop

In the past few years, the beauty and wellness industry for men has expanded dramatically. It’s more common than ever for men to want more than just a shave and a shape-up in any old barber chair. But with new opportunities comes new expectations: follow these tips to make your salon or barbershop a great experience for your male clients.

Top Trends in Men’s Grooming

Over the last five to ten years, it’s become more acceptable – and preferable – for men to put more effort into their appearance and lifestyle. From fitness and general wellness to hair and beauty, men everywhere are stepping up their game. Move over John Wayne – the old school ideal of a man who gets his hands dirty and rarely bathes is gone. Some top trends include:

More visits, more services

Although men typically get their haircut more frequently than women, they’re starting to come back to their barbers and salons for more services, and more often. Eyebrow threading, beard shaping, body waxing, and more are becoming the norm for many men.

Extravagant cuts

Undercuts, man buns, and the Zoomer Perm are in every high school hall, and nearly every TikTok video. These types of cuts require a lot more work than your typical male high and tight, leading to more frequent visits to the barber.

Skincare routines

More and more beauty companies are creating skin care lines for men. Dove, for example, is promoting a variety of skin and facial care products alongside their standard men’s care lines. The market for men’s skin care is responding, and it’s expected to grow 6.2% by2027.

Beard and hair care

Although big burly beards aren’t quite as cool as they were during the heyday of the hipster, beard and hair care is. Bespoke beard oils, pomades, and leave-in conditioners are becoming all the rage among more sophisticated circles.

On the whole, the concept of masculinity is changing significantly. It’s increasingly normalized for men to put more effort into their appearance, whether they’re using face wash or wearing foundation. For your salon or barbershop, this means ample opportunity to offer more robust services to your clients, and to get them in your chairs more often.

Sprucing up Your Salon

The beauty space has always been distinctly feminine. If you’re looking to attract more male customers to your salon, consider adding some amenities that make the space feel more inviting to men and their energy.

Phone charging stations, TVs, masculine candles, and even masculine cocktails can make men feel welcomed in a traditionally feminine space. You don’t have to make your salon look like a Sports Clips, but small touches go a long way in making men feel comfortable.

Additionally, consider how your brand and online presence reflect this. Does your website and social media make it clear you offer men’s services? Are you featuring men’s cuts and looks on your Instagram? All of these things matter in making men feel comfortable trusting you with their hair.

When men do come to your salon, consider suggesting add-ons that make sense for them: start with eyebrow styling, waxing, or beard trimming to ease them into the upsell journey. Once you show them how nice they can look with a little extra effort, you’ll have them coming back for more.

Beefing Up Your Barbershop

At your barbershop, there are always opportunities to level up. Although some men certainly prefer the old school approach – fit with the barber pole and the straight razor that’s seen more than one world war – many are eager for something new.

Think deeply about your atmosphere and the vibe you’re cultivating. Is this a place for men to complete the chore of getting their hair cut, or a place they come to look and feel their best? Small touches like sleek, minimalist furniture, candles and incense, plants, and even additional lighting can go a long way.

To that end, don’t underestimate the power of your brand. Building up your website and social media presence can help more potential clients discover your barbershop, learn about your services, and feel your vibe. Putting a little effort into differentiating yourself can go a long way.

Another way to amp up your services is to build a loyalty program. The relationship between a man and his barber should be a sacred one – give them a reason to come back again and again. Rewards like discounted services or free add-ons can help make clients for life. 

Making Your Services More Accessible

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