Add These Fall Trends to Your Service List ASAP

It's that time of year when the leaves turn gold, and your appointment book starts filling up faster than an Instagram feed full of Pumpkin Spice lattes. Fall is here, and with the change of seasons, comes a flurry of new beauty and wellness services to embrace. 

Using the power of appointment analytics from 2022, we took a deep dive into the GlossGenius data to share what’s in season. We compared the popularity of certain appointments during the cozy months of September, October, and November to the sizzling months of April through August and found out that certain services typically surge faster than you can say "sweater weather." 

Here are a few highlights to inspire your seasonal service menu updates so you can stay on top of what’s in demand. 

Pumpkin-Infused Pampering

We’re kicking things off with the autumn classics. It’s no surprise that when the crisp air hits, services that include quintessential ingredients, such as elderberry and pumpkin, are skyrocketing in popularity. 

These treatments – specifically, facials – have seen a jaw-dropping increase of 1,600% and 1,000%, respectively (yes, you read that right!). Put some of these services into rotation and prepare to have your clients glowing brighter than a harvest moon.

Glam for the Season

Fall isn't just about cable-knit sweaters and spiced lattes, it's spooky season, too. And with Halloween on the horizon, it’s time for the makeup artists to slay their statement-making game. That's why we’ve seen specialty makeup requests up by a whopping 200%. 

Whether it's smoky, Elvira-style eyes and fierce fall lip or an all-out zombie apocalypse look, ‘tis the season to get your special effects on. It's not just makeup that's stealing the spotlight, though. 

Tiny tattoos and nail art are also making waves, with a 22% and 17% increase, respectively. It's all about the little details that set you apart in the season of layers.

Fall Hair Flair

When it comes to luscious locks, fall brings a shift in hair trends too. The sun-kissed highlights of summertime are on their way out and the desire for darker hues is on the right. The data shows that reverse balayage, a technique that brings depth and drama, has increased by just over 100%. 

Hair paneling, the art of adding chunky color accents, is up by 45%, while lowlights and brow tinting with increases of 21% and 6%, respectively, are not far behind. 

Make These Insights Work for You

Now that you have the inside scoop on what services clients are looking for this fall, take advantage by updating your services and even your product offerings to reflect the seasonal demand. With GlossGenius' email and text message tools (including Genius AI), and rebooking reminders, marketing these updates to clients is as simple as a few taps on your phone.

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