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With the pandemic behind us, the self-care industry is enjoying a heyday – more than ever, clientele are prioritizing their well-being and looks. How can you capitalize on this interest? With industry-specific trend data, of course. 

GlossGenius’ Self-Care Services & Pricing Trends Report provides key insights into 2023’s most important trends across beauty and wellness, so you can better satisfy your clients and grow your business. 

From the services that grew the most in popularity to the best tipping metropolitan areas across the US, we’re diving deep into the metrics that matter for you and your clients.

Key Industry Insights

Services on the Move

Thanks to the ebb and flow of industry trends, certain services saw a huge increase in popularity over the course of 2023 – and for other services, a massive decrease was on the horizon. 

In 2023, we saw add-on services like root smudging and Olaplex treatments pop, and subtle hair trends like baby lights shift into the background in favor of bolder looks. By downloading the GlossGenius Self-Care Services & Pricing Trends Report, you’ll get an even deeper dive into service popularity in motion across hair, nails, waxing, esthetics and more.

Pricing Evolves

It’s no secret that raising prices – especially at the start of the year – is a big opportunity for self-care businesses to level up their income. According to the GlossGenius Self-Care Services & Pricing Trends Report, some services saw a larger increase in price than others this year. 

Bridal trials were no longer free, with hairdressers charging for their time by increasing the price of these services by an average of 34%. Small services added up, too – neck trims and bleach root touch ups are on the rise! Even the most tried-and-true services offered by GlossGenius businesses saw significant price changes in 2023. One of the biggest movers? Nail art, which saw an average price increase of 5.44% this year.

America’s Best Tippers

Where are customers giving the most gratuity? We compiled 2023’s top 20 highest tipping metropolitan areas, and the answers might surprise you! 

America’s highest tipping metro in 2023 was the Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama area. These clients topped charts with an average gratuity of 18.66% for their self-care appointments. Get the complete report to find out if your city made the list! 

Spendiest Cities

Through our research, we’ve found that some towns are willing to spend more than others on their self-care appointments. Our 2023 list of the top 20 metropolitan areas for price per appointment is very revealing! 

The nation’s highest price per appointment goes to the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, Pennsylvania metropolitan area, with average receipts of $152.91 for self-care services. Check out the full report to learn how your area stacks up!

Want to learn more? Get the complete GlossGenius Self-Care Services & Pricing Trends Report directly to your inbox! 

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