How to Leverage AI Tools in Your Salon

It might seem like you’re starting to see artificial intelligence (AI) everywhere – it’s not just on the news anymore, but in virtual assistants, photo editors, and social media filters. AI tools are becoming more commonplace as we explore the ways they can make work (and life in general) easier and more fun.

The beauty and wellness industry is no exception to this trend. Beauty professionals have an opportunity to examine some of the pain points of running their business and consider how AI can change their workflows for the better. 

For example, many beauty professionals and business owners are so busy keeping things running that they often have no time for getting a marketing strategy off the ground, scaling their social media presence, elevating their branding, or even generally optimizing their business operations. AI can streamline all of these things, including salon branding, client interactions, social media strategy, and more.

Read on to learn how you can leverage AI to maximize your efficiency to level up your business.

1. AI for Salon Branding

Just getting started in the industry? Looking to overhaul your brand and update to something fresh? Just looking for some inspiration? Generative AI tools – that is, AI that can create text, images, and more – can actually help professionals and salon owners invent (or re-invent) their brand.

From brainstorming salon and spa names with ChatGPT to getting some logo inspiration from Dall-E or Midjourney, generative AI can give you a great starting point for a brand-new brand.

Example of Chat GPT brainstorming nail salon names.

2. Email and Text Message Marketing AI

As a beauty professional first, marketing is one of those things you have to learn on the job – and it’s not easy! Email and SMS marketing can yield some awesome return on investment: Monthly revenue earned by beauty professionals who use email or text message marketing is 30% higher than those who don’t use either. But despite the benefits, it also takes a lot of time and energy to get up and running.

GlossGenius has got you covered there! Unlimited email marketing campaigns are included FREE in every GlossGenius subscription, so you can quickly and easily let clients know about important news, promotions, and specials.

And now, GlossGenius Gold subscribers can access Genius AI, your AI-powered marketing assistant. 

We’ve all been there: You know what you want to say to your clients, but not how to say it. Genius AI helps draft ready-made, customizable email marketing campaigns in minutes. It's like an assistant that always knows what to say, and is powered by large language models like GPT-4 and finessed by you!

Simply enter a few notes and let Genius AI come up with the entire marketing message, tailored to your goals and reflective of your style. Genius AI was intentionally designed to keep you in control – you always have full transparency and final say over the messages sent to your clients. 

Now with Genius AI, the guesswork, drafting, and revising that used to take hours of time is gone, so you can focus on what matters to you – your clients.

3. AI Client Consultations

Client consultations are a crucial part of almost any beauty service, and they can take up a lot of time if the client is new, doesn’t know what they want, or is looking for a significant change to their look. Inspiration pictures can go a long way, but they won’t guarantee a specific look will work for that specific client. What’s more, trying to photoshop a picture of the client with their desired look could take hours.

Let generative AI do the work for you! Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill can add in realistic-looking objects that could help plan tattoo locations, new manicure designs, or hair extension length.

For hairstylists, tools like Loreal’s Style My Hair app can show a client what they’ll look like with a new hair color.

When you can so easily show a client a preview of the results they can expect from their desired look, it can save tons of time for both you and your client.

4. Social Media AI

Social media is an awesome tool for showing off your work, sharing your personal style, and even getting discovered by clients. That being said, many beauty professionals struggle to keep up with their accounts. Creating original, engaging content to grow your following can take time, energy, and tons of research.

Fortunately, there are generative AI tools out there that can help you create content you can share on social media. Free tools like Canva now allow you to submit a specific prompt and receive images inspired by your input. 

For busy professionals, these types of images can be super helpful for cultivating a unique aesthetic or sharing posts that feature a certain color palette. 

There are even AI tools that will turn your text into videos that you can share on social. By spending a few minutes creating a mix of static images and video, your social media engagement rate can flourish. This is where maintaining a curated portfolio of past services and stunning transformations comes in handy!

In the beauty industry, time is money. The more time you spend writing emails or brainstorming Instagram reels, the less time you have to spend upselling clients, providing more services, or even getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. As the beauty industry starts to embrace more AI tools, professionals can watch their productivity skyrocket, while spending more time doing what they love.

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