Maximize Your Salon Earnings with Product Promos

Here’s a little secret: You can make more money without doing more work, offering more services, or having to consider raising your prices. The key to plumping up your profits with little to no effort lies in your products. From the ones you use on clients daily to the bottles that might be collecting dust in your back room, these are the things that could boost your bottom line with a little nudge from a savvy marketing strategy. Here’s how to start promoting your products so they work harder and you don’t have to. 

Talk Them Up to Clients

One of the simplest techniques for selling more retail is just by talking about it. Hopefully, you’re already using products you love for services, so taking a few extra minutes to explain the benefits to the captive audience in your chair is a no-brainer. Educating clients on how each product works, why you love it, and how it may prevent those awkward in-between appointment moments makes it all the more enticing for them to take some home. For clients who aren’t yet convinced, be sure to have a few minis on deck so you can offer samples for them to experience the magic for themselves.

Launch a Limited Time Discount 

Drumming up some sense of urgency is a tried-and-true sales tactic that’ll no doubt get some product moving – offering a flash sale or announcing a limited-time discount stirs up the FOMO many consumers can’t help but give in to. The trick to a successful limited-time promotion lies in your outreach, so make sure you share the news on social media and have an SMS marketing or email system in place to communicate with your customer base en masse. GlossGenius makes it a cinch with integrated GlossUp and emailer campaigns – select groups of clients or go far and wide to ensure the details of your promo land in the palm of their hands.

Promote Your Favorites 

Pick a product you’re obsessed with each month and show it some love. The beauty of this strategy is that you can create an entire social media campaign out of highlighting your monthly star. Post a different fun fact (ingredient spotlight, brand background, before-and-after pics, etc.) about it each week on your favorite platform, or carve out a special display in-store so clients know this one is something special. By being consistent, the series will soon become a fun extension of your brand and you’ll start to create a sense of anticipation where clients will be waiting with their wallets wide open to see what you’ll highlight this time.

Bundle Up For Bulk Sales 

Rounding up a few products in different groupings is not only a smart way to sell more at once, it also makes it easier for customers to get exactly what they need in one fell swoop. Maybe it’s a skin soothing kit for keeping hands silky soft in between manis, or a bundle of serums that’ll keep faces their freshest in between facials. For products you’re trying to move more of, a BOGO promo always feels like a stellar deal to buyers and makes more room on your shelves for whatever you want to fill them with next.

Create Gift Baskets

The holidays are the perfect time to appeal to shoppers and increase your average ticket price. Creating ready-to-go baskets can turn your salon into a one-stop shop as clients swing by for a blowout before that holiday party and pick up a fun goodie bag they can hand over to the host. Fill your baskets with a smart selection of products you know people will love and throw in a gift card so the recipient is also encouraged to come in for a service – that way, you make money on the sale and generate an opportunity to attract a new client, too.

In addition to packaging gifts that clients can buy for others (or themselves), it’s a thoughtful gesture to pull together a little bag of treats you can hand out to your VIPs at the end of the year. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for their loyalty and give them a taste of products that will have them coming back for more. You likely already know who your MVPs are, but when using GlossGenius, you can get a quick analysis of your top clients by running a simple report that calculates your top customers by the number of appointments booked or dollars spent.

And keep in mind, you don’t always have to wait until the holidays roll around to cash in on a gifting promo. You can market year-round ideas to keep extra income trickling in all year long. Put together a cheeky anti-aging basket for a promo for birthdays, or assemble a pampering selection of spa products that would be perfect for a new parent or bride-to-be and there’s no limit to your product-focused profit potential.

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