5 Reasons Why Clients Love Booking Through GlossGenius

At GlossGenius, we’re not just in the business of improving the lives of independent beauty professionals – we care about your clients, too. Every part of our smart and stylish booking and payments system is meant to be equally as easy to use for your clientele as it is for you.

If you’ve never taken the chance to explore how GlossGenius works on the other side of the screen, it’s time you took a look from the customer’s POV. Here are five reasons why clients love booking beauty pros the GlossGenius way.

1. It’s Easy to Book

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. When clients navigate to your custom booking site, they will immediately be impressed by the professional design and easy-to-navigate menu bar. Your About section, Services menu, Contact info, and social media links are front-and-center, giving them access to everything they need to make an informed booking in minutes. Clients can come to your branded website, “shop” the services and professionals they’re looking for, and get an appointment in a flash. Who doesn’t appreciate a little instant gratification?

2.  They Don’t Miss a Beat

You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of your client’s busy schedules, and with easy confirmations and reminders, you don’t have to. Not only do these notifications exponentially decrease the number of no-shows you end up with, but they’re also a detail that clients deeply appreciate. Within seconds of the booking, your client receives all the details of their appointment as an SMS confirmation or a note that the appointment is pending approval. If they need to make any changes, there’s a link included there for them to easily reschedule.

3. A Personalized Experience

Clients love hearing from their beauty professionals through personalized channels, but when you’re working with a full client roster, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with each and every one of them. With GlossGenius’s Emailer and GlossUp campaigns, everyone will feel like they’re your number one VIP. Whether you’re sending out a new service announcement or a ‘Hey! We haven’t seen you in a while!’ email, we’re delivering five-star service into the palm of your recipients’ hands with targeted messages directly from you.

4. The No-Fuss Checkout

Fumbling with credit cards, counting out cash, that awkward tipping situation – not today! Clients are so relieved by the easy, breezy options GlossGenius users are able to offer. When it comes to checking out, they can opt to keep a card on file or can take the tap-to-pay route with a beautiful card reader. The whole thing is done in 60 seconds or less – tipping and all. With digital receipts, there’s no extra paper to clutter their pockets or purses, and they automatically get a link to rebook or leave a review.

5. Easy-To-Leave Reviews

Even when you’re left raving about an experience or product, nothing kills the mood like a cumbersome review process. GlossGenius makes it so simple for clients to leave glowing recommendations, you’ll be racking up five-star ratings in no time. When they receive their receipt, which can be sent in text or email format, they’ll find a link to leave a review. On the review page, they can quickly rate you from one to five stars and leave it at that, or they can show some extra love with a text testimonial. Reviews are automatically uploaded to your website, making it easy for new clients to see what everyone loves about you.

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