8 Ways to Do Salon Social Media Marketing (The Right Way)

You don't have to be a social media maven for your business to have a buzzy presence on the web. In fact, you don’t even have to be good at the ‘gram when you have a team of content creators in your very own salon that you can deploy on your feed. With a supportive salon team on your side, you already have all the ingredients on hand to exponentially build your social presence, and thus your business. Here’s how you can crush it on social and drive more sales for your salon with the power of a team behind you.

What Are Hair Salon Marketing Objectives?

Hair salon marketing objectives are the goals and aspirations that salon owners set to promote their services, boost their brand image, and drive more business. Think of them as your beauty salon's personal wish list for growth and glow-up!

Just like you wouldn't cut hair without a plan, you shouldn't dive into marketing without clear objectives. These objectives help guide your strategies, ensuring that every snip, trim, and color in your marketing campaign is on point and resonates with your audience.

Here are a few marketing objectives for your salon business:

  • Target and Engage: These objectives focus on attracting new clients while ensuring your loyal ones keep coming back for more.
  • Brand Boost: Elevate your salon's image, making it a recognized name in the beauty world.
  • Sales and Bookings Surge: The ultimate goal! Drive more appointments, product sales, and ultimately, more revenue.

Setting clear marketing objectives is like deciding on a hairstyle. With a clear vision, you'll achieve a stunning result, turning heads everywhere! So, whether it's balayage or brand boosting, set your sights on those goals and let's make magic.‍

8 Salon Social Media Marketing Ideas

Here are eight ways you can use social media marketing to get more clients:

1. Host a Workshop

Not everyone is a natural when it comes to understanding the nuances of this digital era. If you feel like you or your team could benefit from a crash course in Social Media 101, then bringing in a pro and making a fun evening out of it might be something to start planning asap.

Invite a local influencer or strategic marketing expert into the salon for a hashtag-filled happy hour. With a few snacks, drinks, and interactive activities (photo shoot, anyone?), you can make the night feel like more of a party than a study session and get the whole team excited to put their new skills to practice.

2. Put a Plan in Place

Once you’ve garnered a basic understanding of social media flow, or even if you already know the ins and outs of every platform, it helps to come up with a plan you can share to get everyone on track toward the same goals.

Getting organized starts with deciding where you actually want to beef up your presence. Ask yourself what platform(s) you want to be on (pro tip: you don’t have to be active on every single one!) and make that a priority. Pick one or two you love and give them your all. Are you a whiz with video editing? Maybe TikTok is your sweet spot. Love a well-curated photoshoot? Head for Instagram. Prefer a running feed where you can post messages, photos, and marketplace items all in one place? A Facebook page might be your best bet. Wherever you land, play to your strengths and the types of media you and your crew enjoy the most so that it's less of a chore for everyone involved.

As far as the output, you don’t have to post every day, but it does pay off to stay consistent. Pick a few days that work best for you and your staff and come up with a manageable cadence. You can even delegate certain days or certain types of content to different people in the salon and add the details to your salon’s group calendar so everyone has a part in producing a stellar feed.

3. Turn it Into a Takeover

With your salon staff standing behind you, you have the power of their networks in your favor. Not only are there advantages of not having to do all the heavy lifting yourself, but you can also tap into each individual’s audience as a way of increasing your exposure.

A fun way to get started is by inviting individuals to “take over” your salon page. “A Day in the Life” takeover is an interactive opportunity to get everyone involved and give everyone a peek at what the brand looks like through their lens. In addition to getting everyone in on the excitement, these moments also give clients a look behind the curtain that makes them feel more connected to your brand. Plus, when you have others take over the page, they’ll be more inclined to re-share on their personal pages – and that’s where the magic happens. Even more exposure, more brand awareness, and ultimately, more bookings.

4. Make it Easy to Share

Everyone on your team is busy and has their own lives outside of the salon, so aim to make it as easy as possible for them to share or collaborate on content. On Instagram specifically, the Collabs feature gives users the ability to co-author posts with other accounts. In this case, the original creator can be your salon page, or the page of a team member can tag another account as a collaborator and double up on the reach that each post extends.

5. Promote Someone to Social Media Manager

If someone in your crew shows a special interest or talent for managing the feed, consider creating a separate title for them as social media manager. If nobody wants to “own” the role, you can always consider bringing on a freelance social media manager. With GlossGenius’ Teams feature, you can even give those outside the salon customized access to your account, just as you can for the rest of your squad.

6. Set Up a Space for Shoots

When your salon is a goldmine for photo opps, it makes every day an opportunity to create content. Set up a designated well-lit space for before and after photos and motivate your team to take photos of their work that they can post (and tag) on the page throughout their day. Creating a visual focal point will also entice your clients to snap and share a few selfies onsite as well.

7. Get Your Content Clients Involved 

On the topic of clients, they can be part of the action, too. In addition to having a place that encourages mini photoshoots, you can encourage your "content clients" (you know the ones who love to be seen) to post in real time by having your handles and hashtags in plain sight at service stations or at the checkout desk. Out of the chair, you can motivate them to comment, like, and share at home with giveaways or contests that each of your team members can collectively promote.

8. Understand Your Analytics

Like all good business functions, understanding your analytics is the key to building up productivity and profit. On social media, the “profits” are typically measured by number of engagements (likes, comments, and shares), click-through rates, and conversions (more appointments and new customers).

Start paying attention to the times and days of the week that get the most traction and which types of content or topics tend to perform best. Many of these metrics are available on the platforms you’re using, especially if you have a business page set up. Put someone in charge of tracking the metrics and sharing a weekly or monthly traffic report so everyone can remember what works as they organically create and capture throughout the day. As you get to know your audience, you can turn out more content you know they’ll engage with.

With time, consistency, and commitment, all that posting will pay off with more clients and a busier schedule.

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