101+ Unique Salon Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

If you’re a salon owner looking to captivate clients and boost your business in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. With our curated collection of 100+ salon marketing ideas and strategies, you’ll unleash your inner marketing maven and push your salon to new heights of success. Whether you’re a trendsetting hairstylist, a makeup maestro, or a skincare sorcerer, these ideas will ignite your creativity and make your salon the talk of the town.

And to take your salon marketing strategies to the next level, we’ll show you how GlossGenius, the ultimate salon management platform, can seamlessly integrate with these strategies, giving you the marketing tools you need to gain a competitive edge. Let’s dive into a world of irresistible salon marketing ideas that will give your salon the glow-up it needs for a fabulous 2024.

How to Market Your Salon (the Right Way)

Marketing your salon isn’t just about being heard – it’s about being heard by the right people at the right time. In the beauty industry, standing out requires not only creativity but also a smart approach to digital marketing. The right marketing plan for your salon business leverages both innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Leveraging Technology for Salon Growth

In an age where an online presence is as crucial as the physical one, your salon business can thrive with the aid of sophisticated digital marketing tools. GlossGenius is at the forefront of this digital revolution, offering a suite of marketing features designed to amplify your salon’s visibility and streamline the booking process.

GlossGenius' marketing tools for salons

From appointment reminders that reduce no-shows to automated marketing campaigns that bring your salon promotion ideas to life, GlossGenius makes sure that small business marketing is not only accessible but also powerful.

Leveraging GlossGenius's platform, your salon can harness the power of digital marketing to create an impactful online presence. Tailored email campaigns can be sent out with precision, targeting clients based on their service history and preferences, while SMS features allow for direct and personal appointment reminders, ensuring that your chair never stays empty.

The platform also integrates with your salon’s social media, making it a breeze to share your most compelling content across various channels. Whether it's a stunning transformation that showcases your work or a special promotion that captures the attention of potential clients, your digital marketing efforts become synchronized and more effective.

With tools that support your salon business through analytics and feedback, you can refine your strategies to meet the demands of an ever-shifting market. By implementing these salon promotion ideas with technology like GlossGenius, you set your salon business on a path to success, making sure that your small business not only meets the industry standards but sets them.

Okay, now let’s get into over 101 different salon marketing ideas you can try this year!

101+ Best Salon Marketing Ideas to Try in 2024

Here are over 101 marketing ideas to promote your salon:

1. Create a stunning website

As your virtual storefront, your website should reflect your brand’s personality, showcase your services, and make it easy for clients to book and manage appointments. Consider using GlossGenius to build and optimize your website, included free with our all-in-one salon management and marketing platform.

2. Embrace social media

Leverage platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to share stunning visuals of your work, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and client testimonials. Use GlossGenius’s social media tools to share glowing client reviews, last-minute openings, promotions, and specials, while getting discovered and booked through local searches on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Ramp up your email marketing

Build a subscriber list and send regular email newsletters with updates, promotions, and exclusive offers to keep your clients informed and excited. GlossGenius’s email marketing feature allows you to design and automate personalized emails to promote your latest discounts, new products, and last-minute openings – with filters based on previous visits and product purchases.

4. Offer a flash sale

Nothing gets clients rebooking faster than a good flash sale with enticing discounts on products or services. Try offering exclusive savings on specific services or for first-time visitors. GlossGenius’s marketing tools can help you create and track these promotions effortlessly via SMS marketing, email marketing, and more.

5. Implement a referral program

Boost your salon brand’s word of mouth. Encourage your loyal clients to refer their friends and family to your new salon by offering incentives like discounts or freebies. You can also tie in referrals with a contest or giveaway via social media and email marketing to generate excitement and grow your following.

6. Collaborate with local influencers

Partner with local beauty influencers or bloggers who align with your salon’s aesthetic to promote your services. Try reaching out to local influencers with a smaller but still impactful following who are more likely to respond; their content may have more significance with their audiences than someone with tens of thousands of followers.

7. Host salon events 

Organize hairstyling workshops, makeup tutorials, product launches, sip ‘n’ shops, and other events to engage with your community and showcase your expertise. Stepping outside your usual day-to-day routine with clients lets you build rapport and a sense of camaraderie among your clientele.

8. Create engaging video content

Grab your smartphone and start filming! Short how-tos, beauty tips and tricks, client transformations, salon tours, and day-in-the-life videos work great on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where you can build an active community that eagerly awaits your next video drop.

9. Collaborate with local beauty businesses

Partner with nearby boutiques, spas, fashion retailers, and even other salons for cross-promotions, referral programs, and joint events. For example, a hair salon could collaborate with a nail salon or med spa for a "Pamper Package." You promote them, they promote you, your clients get to know both of you, and everybody wins.

10. Offer loyalty programs

Reward your loyal clients with exclusive perks, such as discounts on future visits or free add-on services. GlossGenius’ client management tools make it easy to automate rebooking reminders, thank-yous, and follow-ups to increase loyalty among your clientele.

11. Create a signature service

Develop a unique and memorable service that sets your salon apart from the competition, such as a botanically infused pedicure or a CBD facial. Promote it through GlossGenius’s effective salon marketing tools, emphasizing the benefits and experience it offers.

12. Showcase client transformations

Share before-and-after photos of your clients’ makeovers to demonstrate the quality of your services. GlossGenius lets you seamlessly showcase these transformations on your website, along with portfolios, staff profiles, and more.

13. Get more reviews

Reviews are often the secret sauce you need to get new business and solidify client relationships. Not only do they help with local search rankings, but you can also highlight testimonials in other marketing channels like social media and email. GlossGenius’s reviews feature reminds clients to leave feedback and gives you control over who sees your reviews – while also making it easy to share reviews on social channels.

14. Offer online booking

Simplify the booking process by enabling clients to schedule appointments online. GlossGenius provides a user-friendly online booking system that integrates seamlessly with your website, social media profiles, and even Yelp and Google.

15. Run contests and giveaways

Engage your social media followers and email list by hosting contests or giveaways where they can win salon services or product bundles. Tie in your contests and giveaways with influencer marketing to make your campaigns work even harder.

16. Send SMS messages

Send personalized text messages to your clients, notifying them of upcoming promotions, last-minute openings, or special events. GlossGenius’s SMS marketing feature allows you to schedule and mass-send these messages based on visit history, product purchases, preferred services, and more.

17. Partner with local charities

Give your salon an instant glow-up by demonstrating your commitment to the community. Partner with local charities or organizations to donate a portion of a day’s proceeds to a cause or host fundraising events.

18. Collaborate with wedding planners

Forge partnerships with wedding planners to offer bridal packages for hair, makeup, and nail services. Highlight your collaborations on social media, tagging your partners as co-creators on content to increase your reach.

19. Highlight your team

Introduce your talented team members through social media spotlights or blog features. Showcasing their expertise and personality helps build trust with your audience. Use GlossGenius’s team management tools to invite collaborators and delegate access.

20. Participate in local events

Set up a booth or provide mini-services at local events like fairs, festivals, or charity fundraisers. Hand out promotional materials with your information, and offer exclusive event discounts.

21. Create date-specific content and promotions

Tailor your promotions, packages, services, and plan content marketing campaigns to align with different seasons, traditional holidays, and even off-beat holidays like Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, or Halloween. Tie it all together with email, SMS, and social media marketing.

22. Collaborate with beauty brands

Partner with beauty salon brands to host product showcases or demonstrations at your salon. Offer discounts on featured products, mini makeovers, a selfie station, and a branded hashtag with opportunities to win prizes for posting on social media.

23. Offer VIP memberships

Create exclusive membership programs that provide additional benefits to loyal clients, such as priority bookings, extended hours, or exclusive events and savings. Put together a monthly or quarterly member appreciation event to show your clients some love! 

24. Run social media ad campaigns

Boost your salon’s visibility by running targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms. Include a lead-gen form to capture prospects’ information and a special discount to encourage first-time bookings.

25. Create a salon blog

Start a blog on your salon’s website, sharing beauty tips, trends, product reviews, and client success stories. Don’t forget your amazing before-and-after transformations!

26. Offer package deals

Bundle multiple services together at a limited-time discounted rate to encourage clients to try new treatments and increase their overall spending. Send an email and text blast with an expiration date included to encourage impulse buys!

27. Engage with online reviews

Monitor and respond to online reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google Business, and Facebook. Show appreciation for positive reviews and address any concerns or issues raised by clients. GlossGenius's review management feature helps you stay on top of client feedback.

28. Create a salon podcast series

Elevate your salon’s digital presence by launching a podcast series that delves into all things beauty, fashion, and self-care. Invite industry experts, celebrity stylists, and satisfied clients to entertain, educate, and empower listeners with beauty tips and insights.

29. Offer express services

Cater to clients with limited time by providing express services like 15-minute blowouts or quick touch-ups. Promote these services as convenient options for busy individuals. Use GlossGenius’s service management tools to streamline the scheduling and pricing of express services.

30. Create a monthly subscription box

Curate monthly subscription boxes featuring sample-sized beauty products, salon-exclusive items, or DIY tips and tutorials. Offer different subscription tiers to cater to varying client preferences and budgets.

31. Create a salon photo booth experience

Set up a stylish and Instagram-worthy photo booth area in your salon that will not only create shareable experiences for clients but also generate online buzz for your salon. Provide props like oversized sunglasses and feather boas, and encourage clients to share their photos on social media, tagging your salon and using a designated hashtag. 

32. Create Pinterest boards

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, don’t forget about Pinterest for social media content. Create a Pinterest account, and add links to your website and client transformations to showcase your salon’s best work, along with links to trends and inspiration. 

33. Offer student discounts

Capture the attention of college students by providing exclusive discounts or promotions tailored to their needs. Partner with local universities or promote your offers on campus and on social media.

34. Host a salon makeover contest

Ignite excitement by organizing a salon makeover contest where you gift a makeover to a well-deserving client. Encourage the community to participate by nominating someone special who would love to be pampered, and share the transformation process on social media platforms.

35. Sponsor local fashion events

Collaborate with local fashion events, such as runway shows or fashion weeks, by becoming a sponsor. Offer your salon’s hairstyling and makeup services for the models, ensuring they look runway-ready. 

36. Collaborate with local photographers

Partner with local photographers for photoshoots featuring your salon’s work. Use the professional images to update your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.

37. Create a virtual beauty challenge

Launch a virtual beauty challenge for your clients and followers with a specific theme or task, such as creating a bold makeup look or styling a unique hairstyle. Encourage participants to share their creations using a dedicated hashtag, and offer prizes for the most creative or inspiring entries.

38. Host virtual beauty classes

Offer virtual beauty classes via live streaming platforms, teaching clients how to achieve specific looks or master beauty techniques. Go live on social media platforms, for instance, to connect directly with your followers as you walk them through beauty tutorials.

39. Go old school with direct mail 

Stand out from the digital noise and connect with your clients on a more personal level by sending them direct mail. Create eye-catching postcards or handwritten letters that include special offers, discounts, or personalized messages, with a call to action to book an appointment or visit your salon’s website.

40. Ship out VIP surprise packages

As a thoughtful way to make your loyal clients feel valued and pampered outside the salon, delight them with VIP surprise packages that you mail directly to their homes. Create exclusive packages filled with samples of new beauty products, special salon promotions, or personalized gifts.

41. Create interactive social media campaigns

Run interactive campaigns on social media, such as polls, quizzes, or challenges, to encourage client engagement and increase brand visibility. Be sure to share the results afterward!

42. Write guest blog articles

Showcase your expertise by creating guest articles or beauty tips for local publications or online blogs. Include links back to your salon’s website for increased visibility, and share the articles on social media. 

43. Host pop-up salons

Set up temporary salon locations in popular venues, or collaborate with local businesses to host pop-up salon events. Direct people to your GlossGenius website for fast, easy bookings with no client account, signup, or login required. 

44. Create a gift card promotion

Offer a gift card promotion such as “Buy a $100 gift card, receive $20 for yourself.” GlossGenius makes it easy to send text and email blasts to announce your promotions.

45. Utilize influencer takeovers

Allow beauty influencers to take over your salon’s social media accounts for a day, sharing their experience and tips and showcasing your salon’s services. This is a great way to quickly add new followers and expand your reach.

46. Offer birthday and anniversary specials

Send personalized discounts or freebies to your clients to celebrate their special days. Use GlossGenius’s client management tools to track and manage client birthdays, automate birthday promotions, and nudge your client to book their next appointments.

47. Retarget past clients

When life gets busy, people may forget to book their beauty appointments. Re-engage people who haven’t been in the salon for six months or more with a targeted “We miss you!” campaign that includes special savings and incentives. 

48. Host makeover events

Partner with local schools, medical facilities, and mom groups to offer free pampering sessions for teachers, nurses, moms, and others who could use a day off. Promote these events through social media and the local press to create a positive impact and generate goodwill for your salon.

49. Collaborate with fitness studios

Partner with nearby fitness studios to offer post-workout hair and makeup touch-ups or exclusive promotions for their members. Set up a popup salon on site, or provide postcards or brochures at studios for their members.

50. Provide online product sales

Sell beauty products online through your salon’s website or a dedicated e-commerce platform. Keep track of your inventory with GlossGenius’s inventory management tools so you always know what’s in stock and receive automated low quantity alerts.

51. Partner with local hotels 

Collaborate with local hotels to offer special promotions or exclusive salon packages to their guests. Seek out visitors who are looking for a pampering experience during their stay or people who need salon services for weddings or other special events.

52. Host a mini retreat

Organize a mini retreat in your salon with makeovers, yoga or meditation, refreshments, music, product demonstrations, and special discounts, creating a fun and memorable experience for attendees. Tie it in with a theme like “Girls’ Night Out” or “Beauty and Bubbly.”

53. Create a salon ambassador program

Select loyal clients who embody your salon’s values and offer them exclusive benefits, such as early access to new services or products, in exchange for promoting your salon within their social circles. GlossGenius makes it easy to identify and segment your top clients.

54. Offer seasonal makeover packages

Create seasonal makeover packages that include hairstyling, makeup, and skincare services tailored to each season’s trends and needs. Promote these packages through GlossGenius's marketing tools, emphasizing seasonal benefits like skin and hydration in the winter.

55. Create a YouTube channel

Launch a YouTube channel for your salon, featuring hairstyling tutorials, makeup tips, product reviews, and client testimonials. Invite your VIPs to be guests on the show.

56. Collaborate with corporate event planners

Partner with corporate event planners to offer beauty services for corporate parties and events. Provide on-site hairstyling, makeup, or nail services to make events memorable. 

57. Offer virtual gift cards

Provide electronic gift cards that clients can purchase and send to friends or family members. Promote these gift cards on your website and social media platforms. 

58. Implement affiliate programs

Develop affiliate programs that allow beauty influencers to earn commissions for every new client they send to your salon. 

59. Advertise on Google

Leveraging salon advertising with highly targeted ads in your local market can be quite effective for driving new business. Consider working with an experienced ads manager who can help you create Google ads, identify your target market, and manage and optimize your ads for the best returns.

61. Host a salon open house

Invite the community to an open house event where they can explore your salon, enjoy complimentary mini services, and learn about your offerings. Use GlossGenius’s marketing tools to promote the event.

62. Collaborate with local fitness influencers

Partner with fitness influencers, personal trainers, and instructors to offer joint promotions or wellness packages. Combine salon services with fitness sessions or offer discounts to their followers. 

63. Get listed

Claim your business listing on directories and review sites like Google Business, Yelp, Bing, Thumbtack, and others. Ensure accuracy so your business name, address, phone number, website, and other information stays consistent across platforms.

64. Offer beauty workshops for teens

Host educational workshops for teenagers, focusing on skincare, makeup basics, or DIY hair care. Partner with schools or community organizations to reach a wider audience. 

65. Monetize your front desk

The front desk is the first and last place people stop inside your salon. Increase revenue by training your staff to invite rebookings and upsell products to clients at checkout. 

66. Collaborate with local artists

Partner with local artists to display their artwork in your salon, creating a unique and visually appealing atmosphere. Hold art showcases, participate in local art walks, or collaborate on themed events.

67. Implement gamification

Gamify the salon experience by offering loyalty points or rewards for completing specific tasks. For instance, give clients a bingo card where each square has a beauty challenge like “Get a facial” or “Do a deep conditioning treatment.”

68. Participate in expos or trade shows

Exhibit your salon at industry events to showcase your services and connect with potential clients and industry professionals. Think outside the box by attending bridal events, wellness expos, and other events that are likely to attract your clientele. 

69. Create a signature scent

Develop a unique salon fragrance that leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Use it throughout your salon, and consider offering scented products such as candles for purchase.

70. Incorporate automation on social media

Set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts to auto-reply to frequently asked questions like “What are your hours?” and “How do I book an appointment?” This is one of the easiest salon marketing ideas that can help you increase bookings just by getting back to clients quickly.

71. Host salon anniversary celebrations

Celebrate your salon’s anniversary with special promotions, exclusive events, or limited-edition services. Use GlossGenius’s marketing tools to notify your clients about the special event.

72. Tag clients

Snap before-and-after photos of client transformations. Ask for their social media handles so you can tag them in your posts, Reels, and Stories; they’ll likely repost your content, helping to increase exposure.

73. Create some swag

Get some promotional items such as stickers, pens, keychains, and mini beauty tools. Pass these out to your clients, at events, and anywhere you have a presence in the community.

74. Develop a signature product line

Create a line of salon-exclusive beauty products, such as shampoos, conditioners, or styling tools. Use GlossGenius’s product management tools to handle inventory and sales.

75. Implement chatbot assistance

Integrate a chatbot on your salon’s website. This way, your chatbot can provide instant assistance, answer questions, and help with appointment bookings even when you aren’t available.

76. Collaborate with local wellness retreats 

Partner with wellness retreats or spas to offer joint packages that combine beauty services with wellness experiences. Provide services like massages and facials for a holistic approach to self-care.

77. Offer mobile salon services

Extend your salon’s reach by providing mobile services for special occasions, such as weddings, parties, or corporate events. Bring your expertise directly to clients’ locations.

78. Create a “featured client” program

Recognize and reward exceptional clients with a “Featured Client” series. Post a short bio in your salon with their photos, and offer them exclusive perks, discounts, or additional services.

79. Implement influencer gifting

Send personalized beauty packages or gift certificates to influencers or social media personalities who align with your salon’s values and target audience. Encourage them to share their experience with their followers.

80. Join local business groups

Chambers of commerce, networking groups, and other local business organizations can be great sources of referrals. Join these groups and attend networking events to build brand awareness and exposure in your community.

81. Collaborate with wellness coaches

Partner with wellness coaches or nutritionists to offer joint promotions. Provide comprehensive self-care packages that combine beauty and wellness services.

82. Create a QR code

Make it easy to share your business information. Create a QR code that links to your website so you can easily share your salon details with a quick scan, and print it on your business card, postcards, brochures, and window signage. 

83. Be a guest speaker

Apply to be a speaker at industry and community events, business lunches, and corporate lunch-and-learns. Offer a special discount for attendees.

84. Offer personalized self-care kits

Create customized kits for clients to use at home. Include recommended products and step-by-step instructions for maintaining their salon results between appointments, plus a coupon to encourage rebooking.

85. Collaborate with fashion stylists

Partner with fashion stylists or personal shoppers. Offer joint packages that include hair, makeup, and styling services at exclusive savings.

86. Host a “mommy and me” event

Invite your clients who are moms to bring their little ones into the salon for the day. Offer “mommy and me” mini makeovers or mani/pedi services with coordinating colors and styles.

87. Create video testimonials

Capture video testimonials from satisfied clients, showcasing their transformation and positive experiences at your salon. Share these testimonials on your website and social media platforms.

88. Implement geofencing advertising

Utilize geofencing technology to target potential clients within a specific geographic radius around your salon. Run targeted digital ads on platforms like social media or search engines that appear when users enter or are near your salon’s vicinity, enticing them to visit your salon.

89. Implement virtual reality hairstyling

Enhance the salon experience with innovative technology. Use virtual reality technology to allow clients to virtually try on different hairstyles and colors before committing to a change. 

90. Offer early-bird or late-night discounts

Provide discounted rates for salon clients who book early-morning or late-evening appointments. Cater to their scheduling preferences and create added value for flexible time slots.

91. Create an online booking incentive

Offer a special discount or exclusive add-on service for clients who book their appointments online through your website or mobile app. This encourages clients to take advantage of the convenience of online booking while boosting your digital presence.

92. Host guest stylist events 

Invite renowned hairstylists or makeup artists as guest experts to conduct workshops, demonstrations, or even provide services at your salon. Promote these events through social media, local press, and industry networks.

93. Go door to door

You don’t have to literally knock on someone’s doors, but you can leave behind a door hanger with your salon’s information. Don’t underestimate the power of getting your salon’s name right in front of your local audience.

94. Implement seasonal decorations

Decorate your salon with seasonal themes and aesthetics to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere. Use eye-catching decorations to enhance the client experience and generate social-media-worthy moments.

95. Collaborate with local fitness challenges

Team up with local partners offering fitness challenges to offer beauty services as rewards or incentives for participants who achieve their fitness goals. Create exclusive savings for challenge participants to encourage new bookings.

96. Shut down for a day

This might seem counterintuitive, but giving your staff a paid day off can go a long way toward building goodwill in the community. This could be on Black Friday, Juneteenth, or any other day you wish to show your appreciation for your staff.

97. Turn your stylists into marketers

Train your staff on how to use social media for your marketing efforts. Give them a list of do’s and don’ts so they know exactly how and where to help promote your salon online.

98. Create a salon Spotify playlist

Curate a salon playlist on Spotify that sets the mood and enhances the ambiance for clients. Share the playlist on your salon’s website and social media profiles. 

99. Implement virtual makeover apps

Partner with virtual makeover apps that allow users to try different hairstyles, makeup looks, and colors. Collaborate with the app to feature your beauty salon’s services and products as part of the virtual makeover experience.

100. Host beauty webinars

Organize educational webinars where clients can learn beauty tips and techniques from your salon’s experts. Cover topics such as skin-care routines, makeup application, or hair care.

101. Collaborate with local leaders

Partner with local leaders who have a strong presence in your community. Offer them exclusive salon experiences or sponsorship opportunities in exchange for exposure on their social media platforms.

102. Offer free samples

Reward your clients with free treats when they rebook, post on social media, or make a product purchase. Giving out sample-size products lets your clients try out some of your top sellers while incentivizing them to stay engaged with your salon.

Salon Marketing Ideas Go Far With GlossGenius

GlossGenius software for salons

Remember, marketing is an ongoing process, and it’s essential to track the effectiveness of your strategies. Utilize GlossGenius’s marketing, client management, and data analysis tools to monitor key metrics, gather feedback from clients, and adjust your salon marketing approach accordingly. By staying creative, leveraging the best salon software, and tapping into collaborative opportunities, you can effectively promote your salon and attract new customers in 2024 and beyond. To learn more and get started, begin your GlossGenius free trial today.

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