50 New Ways to Boost Your Appointment Bookings via Social Media

We’ve seen so many of your GlossGenius booking sites and we’re in love with them! It’s where new clients book their first appointment with you and returning clients book their next appointments. That’s why we’re stoked to think of ways to drive even more clients to your beautiful website so they can discover more about you and book an appointment with you!

Heads up! We just dropped 50 stunning new ways for you to get your clients to your booking site. As a GlossGenius member, you’ve got our permission to steal any of the 50 new templates to highlight your booking site and stand out on social media. Plus, we’ve come up with some tips to help you stand out.

Broadcast Your Appointment Availability

This might seem obvious, but if your clients don’t know you have a last minute opening or an unexpected free appointment slot, then how will they assume you’re just free? You need to tell them that there are available appointments and make a little announcement! Pick your favorite template, add your available openings and services for this week, share them on your Instagram story and feed, and fill that appointment slot!

Make It Easy for Clients to Book You

Make it easy for clients to know how to book you! Hint: if you’re a GlossGenius member, you have a stunning booking site that makes it easy for them to securely request an appointment for their desired service and come visit you! Your clients are scrolling their Instagram feeds and stories. These beautiful templates will catch their eye and when you add your unique website address, you’ll drive them right to your booking site.

Make Your Clients Feel Unique

Give your clients a luxurious experience before they even step into your salon. Make them know that they are booking with the best. Your work is stellar so let's show others how amazing you are! Your new booking templates will bring your visual branding to the next level.

Let Your Promotions Work for You

Use your new templates to promote a limited time offer through your Instagram feed and Facebook business page. How about a one-time special deal when clients schedule a certain service in a designated time? Or upsell a service you already offer with an added massage or free product. Check out some of our other promo ideas, make them stand out, and get clients more through your door.

Book Directly From Your Instagram & Facebook Pages

GlossGenius makes it super easy for your clients to book you directly from your Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow these simple instructions to set up Instagram booking directly from your GlossGenius booking app!

So, Which Templates Will You Use?

We can’t wait to see your announcements! Comment below to share your favorite templates or tell us on social!

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