5 Tricks To Build Your Client Following On Instagram

Instagram is a must-have for any MUA or hair stylist because it connects you to a network of thousands and even millions of people that can discover you. At GlossGenius, we’ve worked with thousands of MUAs and hair stylists and wanted to share some tips on how to market yourself better and get more clients from Instagram.

1. Let People Know Where You're From

Instagram is great for displaying your art but it’s difficult for potential clients to search by location unless they know exactly what hashtags to use in search.

Make it very clear for your clients to know exactly where you are located in your Instagram “about” section. The less your clients have to work to find and book you, the more business and beautiful work you’ll be able to do!

2. Use Hashtags to Get Discovered

There is an art to using hashtags to get discovered on Instagram; we did a study of the most popular hashtags for MUAs and stylists and found that these are the best ones to help artists get discovered:

  • #bookme
  • #mua
  • #makeupartist
  • #makeupaddict
  • #makeupjunkie
  • #makeuplover
  • #makeupartistsworldwide
  • #makeupbyme
  • #makeuponpoint
  • #freelancemua
  • #mualife
  • #makeup
  • #muaproblems
  • #makeupismypassion
  • #hair
  • #hairstyle
  • #haircut
  • #hairstylist
  • #hairdo
  • #hairdresser
  • #hairfashion
  • #hairideas
  • #hairdressing
  • #hairdresserproblems
  • #hairstylistlife

Pro-tip: You can easily avoid looking 'spammy' with your hashtags by posting your hashtags as a comment.

Use an external notes app (like Notes on the iPhone). Add a series of periods and spaces as pictured above. After posting new content, go to your comments and paste your hashtags with the periods stacked on top. Instagram will keep the hashtags hidden from view but people searching those hashtags will still be able to find you!

3. Engage With Your Potential Clients

Liking and commenting on other users' accounts is a tried and true way to get more followers on Instagram.

Pro Tip: Instead of liking and commenting random photos, search through one of the hashtags above.

4. Be as Professional as Possible

You’re an artist and being creative is your job! However, don’t let that creativity get in the way of booking appointments with clients. Make sure that you have:

  • Text that's easy to read. Emojis are great in moderation but too many of them detract from the main message of the words.
  • Your phone number and location. Write “Miami, FL” instead of “305” and also make sure that you make your phone numbers very easy to read, for example, “999.999.9999”. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to book you.

5. Make It Easy for Clients to Book With You

Putting your email or phone in our Instagram will probably mean that you’ll get more calls and emails with people trying to sell you amazing “weight loss pills” than clients trying to book appointments with you :-) .

The best way to avoid this issue is to use an appointments booking and management service and provide clients with the link to that. This makes you look like you take your talents and/or profession seriously and it will help attract clients. Take a look at the example below:

Not only will it make you look a lot more professional to your clients but it will also save you the hassle of getting spammed on your phone and email. If you’re looking for a place to get started with a booking service, check out our incredibly affordable service at GlossGenius.

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