Double Your Clients This Summer With These Easy Marketing Moves

With summer coming in hot, your clients are looking to get outside and it's time to get your beauty business back in the swing of things. Try these tips to double your bookings as the season heats up.

Know Where You’re At 

It might be tough to double your client numbers if you don’t know where you’re starting from. The first thing on your summer sales to-do list should be checking in on your business numbers. What’s your total client number? How many are regulars? When was the last time you saw them?

If you’re already a GlossGenius member, all of these stats are available at a glance with the in-app Reports and Analytics features. Once you have an understanding of your client flow, you can set some solid goals for growth (we’re aiming for twice the bookings you saw this spring!). 

Ask For Referrals

It’s an old-school strategy, but it’s positively proven that a little word of mouth marketing goes a long way. Your regulars keep coming back for a reason, so it goes without saying that they would be happy to sing your praises–all you have to do is ask. Take it a step further and sweeten the pot with referral rewards for existing clients who send new customers your way. A gift card towards a future service, a free product, or percentage off their next purchase, might triple the return once the word gets out. 

Reconnect With Old Clients

Make it a habit to check in with those clients who have gone MIA. You may find that some have moved away, some may have lost a job and cut back on their budget, or maybe some simply got busy with life and let their beauty routine slip. With the latter, hearing from you will be a welcome reminder for them to show a little self-love. 

It’s a nice touch to reach out directly and reinvigorate the relationship, but you can really scale your efforts by communicating en masse to clients who have not had an appointment for a while. With the GENIUS eMailer option, you have unlimited emails at your disposal and can create mailing lists based on data like Not Seen in the Last X Months (see how those analytics come in clutch?).

Get Social 

Leverage your network and let your social media pages work for you to promote e-gift cards, remind clients that they can book online, or fill last-minute openings in your schedule. The GlossGenius Social Templates make it quick and easy to share beautifully on-brand posts. Plus, this is another great opportunity to encourage clients to refer a friend by prompting them to quickly share a post or tag anyone who would love to take advantage of your services.

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