How Malibu C's Katherine Rae Made $1.5k On the Road Using GlossGenius

A step-by-step guide for beauty educators on how to make travel effective and profitable!

Are you a traveling beauty educator that spends a lot of time on the road? And if you answered “yes” to the question, do you ever feel overwhelmed or even a little bewildered by all the information that you process throughout the day?

We understand the occasional dilemma that educators face with organizing their calendars, managing clientele, keeping up with new bookings, etc. So we teamed up with Katherine Rae, Malibu C educator and proud GlossBoss, who shares how GlossGenius supports her life as a traveling educator on the road! This can become a comprehensive guide for anyone whether you are an educator or not. Here are Katherine’s secrets to how GlossGenius helps her stay organized and still earn profit while on the road! 

She Keeps Everything in One Place

Keeping track of your day’s schedule, travel expenses, and new bookings, while at a show or teaching a class is no easy task. There’s nothing more distracting than trying to get ready to teach a class while your phone is being blown up by clients. Katherine is able to teach worry-free while GlossGenius, her online booking system, and beauty business BFF take care of the rest. 

Also, Katherine has everything she needs under her belt on her personal dashboard, where she can see every detail she needs to see in one screen. This helps Katherine to spend minimal time in organizing her business details.

She Uses Online Booking

Another way Katherine not only stays organized but also runs her business on the road is having a website for her salon. Her clients can read through her services on her GlossGenius-powered website, then book appointments with her on both desktop and mobile with an easy and fully branded experience.

Another feature of the website that Katherine utilizes is her portfolio. Here, she can simply upload a picture onto her portfolio in the GlossGenius app, and they are automatically added to her website. This gives her clients an idea of what Katherine’s services would look like, leading them to booking appointments!

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She Uses the “Book Now” Buttons

One of the most essential parts of how Katherine gets new clients is utilizing booking integration buttons in social media platforms with the help of GlossGenius. This feature helps not only Katherine but all GlossGenius users attract clients and make profit. While Katherine was away from her salon for the show, she made around $1.4k just in mobile bookings!

Thanks to the “book now” button on her social media accounts, Katherine can be on the top of her game even when she is spending personal time or educating in events. In just a few clicks, Katherine’s clients could book for appointments even when she could not pick up the phone or answer texts. So if you have an Instagram or Facebook page, make sure to connect your accounts with GlossGenius so that you may add your own “book now” button on your Instagram profile!

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She Uses Social Media

Having solid media accounts will strengthen your profile more than ever. Katherine makes sure to interact with the online community through hashtags, consistent posts, and features such as social templates.

If she ever sees a sudden availability in her schedule, she can post a social template on her story to let her clients know. 

Also, Katherine’s “Book Now” button and link to her GlossGenius website helps both her potential and existing client so book appointments with her wherever she might be, and also enables Katherine to maintain a strong media presence. 

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Be sure to watch the full version of Katherine’s takeover at the Premiere Columbus show and to learn her tips on how to use GlossGenius to make money while on the road! 

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