How to Boost Sales With Holiday Promotions and Giveaways

With the holiday season around the corner, you might be thinking of creative, festive ways to connect with your clients. Holiday promotions ideas are a great way to grow your beauty business sales and let your clients know how much you appreciate them! Here are a few effective salon and spa marketing strategies to consider this season.

1. Host a “12 Days of Christmas” Holiday Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to engage with current and prospective clients! A “12 Days of” campaign can consist of 12 giveaways each day that you can promote on social media, email, or SMS. You can giveaway discounts, dollars off services, products – anything you are comfortable with!

Here are a few other examples of how you can host a giveaway:

  • Giveaway idea 1: Post about the giveaway on your Instagram page and let your followers know they can win 10% off their next service for participating. To enter, all they need to do is tag a friend in a comment and already be following you. Then, you pick 1 winner and announce the winner on social! You could also consider sending a mass text or email blast through the GlossGenius app to let your clients know about the giveaway! 
  • Giveaway idea 2: You don’t have to give away 12 things in 12 days! You could host a photo contest in December by asking clients to post about your business and the service you provided. Each client that posts and tags you will get $5 off their first service in 2021. OR you can pick 1 lucky winner to win a $100 gift card.

Fellow GlossBoss, Kariella, is giving away ornament dreamcatchers to everyone who books in December. 

Here's another example from Christina, who is running a 12 Days of Christmas campaign. 

2. Sell Your Salon Gift Cards at a Discounted Price

A holiday gift card campaign is a great way to make income now and guarantee future bookings. For example, you can run a holiday promotion where for every $100 gift card purchase, clients will get $20 off their next service. To keep track, you can add a note to your client’s profile in the GlossGenius app under Clients > select your client > Notes >Tap for New Note

You can promote your promo a few different ways through the GlossGenius app: 

  • Post on social media using one of the templates in the app under More > Social Templates > Choose Template. 
  • Send a mass text to your clients under More > Text Marketing > Create New Text Campaign. 
  • Email all clients at once under More > Email Marketing > Create New Email Campaign.

3. Offer a “Best-Friend Day”

Pick a day or time block that are typically slow times and let clients know if they book with you on that date, and bring a friend, they will both receive X% off their services. 

To control your booking windows, we recommend adding new services to your GlossGenius booking website to cover the time it takes to complete two services at once. For example, if the facial you offer typically takes 1 hour, add a “Best Friend Facial” at a 1.5 - 2 hour time slot. Alternatively, you can ask the client and the friend to book their own appointment if they are okay, coming at different times. 

To promote the day, you send an email or SMS blast through the GlossGenius app, post one of our social templates, and let clients know in person. All of these features are included in the $24/month GlossGenius subscription!

Remember to add your booking website to your social templates, text messages, and email blasts, so it’s easier than ever for clients to book with you. 

We hope these holiday promos will bring joy for the upcoming holiday season, for both your beauty business and your clients! Sharing is the best thing to do during this time - make sure to share your appreciation and gratefulness to have them as your clients as well!

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