GlossGenius Employee Spotlight: Katie Bauer

Meet Katie Bauer, Head of Data at GlossGenius. Read below to learn what she loves about working at GlossGenius, the kinds of problems she’s solving, and where she thinks the company is headed toward in the future.

What attracted you to GlossGenius?

When I was first introduced to the company, one of the first things that grabbed my attention was the business itself. After spending much of my career working for ads-driven companies, the business model of GlossGenius felt really refreshing – we make money by making others successful. That, combined with a personal interest in beauty and fashion, made me confident that I’d be excited to work on the problems GlossGenius is tackling for a long time to come. 

As I got further into my interview process, I also became intrigued by the potential of GlossGenius’ data. We have a unique view into a ubiquitous industry that’s currently undergoing a huge change in how it works. We’re playing a big role in that change, so who wouldn’t want a front row seat?

What’s your favorite thing about GlossGenius so far?

Definitely the people! It’s clear that everyone here is very smart, hard-working, and low-ego. I’ve also been impressed by how welcoming people at all levels of the organization have been so far. That's no small feat at a remote-first company.

What's unique about your role at GlossGenius?

The superpower of a data team is building shared context. That might sound vague, but consider this: At a company where everyone is as data savvy as they are at GlossGenius, data and metrics are the starting point for a lot of conversations about where we are and where we’re headed. Being responsible for curating the data everyone uses for that is an incredible privilege and a tremendous responsibility.

As the Head of Data, my job has two big pieces: Setting the vision and strategy for how we get the most value out of our data, and building and growing the team that enables that. It’s an open-ended job that requires me to constantly learn new things, but that’s why I like it. I’m always growing and learning!  

How do you see the company growing?

One of GlossGenius’ greatest strengths is our discipline. We’re laser-focused on serving our core customers, and as we grow, I expect us to get even deeper into our customers' worlds and deliver even better solutions to help them scale their businesses. Some of that will be finding ways to improve and augment our current offerings, but another big piece will be in finding new and creative ways to support them.

From a data perspective, we have a lot of potential to accomplish this through identifying and studying trends in the industry and economy generally. And even more directly than that, I’m excited to see what we can learn about building a successful beauty or salon business and to find ways to share those insights with our customers. If we do it right, we’ll improve the lives of tens of thousands of small business owners.

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