Employee Spotlight: Monica Kim

Monica Kim, Senior Analytics Engineer, is responsible for helping power the data strategy for go-to-market operations at GlossGenius. She joined us in January 2023 and has been making a huge impact ever since.

1. Tell Us About Your Role at GlossGenius? 

I'm an analytics engineer on the Analytics Engineering team at GlossGenius. Within the greater data team spectrum, AE sits between the data engineering team and the specialized analytics verticals like GTM Analytics and Product Analytics. My role within the company is to take raw data and transform/package it to enable others in the company to consume data through means like querying data models and building dashboards or reports.

2. What's Unique About GlossGenius?

The culture at GlossGenius is the best I've experienced. It's been so great to work with other data practitioners and business partners who have the rare combination of passion, talent, kindness, and humility. We all have a growth mindset and are able to have curiosity to learn and share with others as we learn. We're not growing and building for ourselves – rather, we're pushing ourselves to help each other and ultimately our customers succeed. 

3. How Do You Foster Collaboration And Innovation On Your Team?

Something that is really important to me personally is to help create psychological safety within the team, so that we can say when we don't know something, or when we falter – it gives us the opportunity to course correct and get to the next best version. Sometimes that means asking the seemingly "dumb" question or taking the initiative to document my journey to knowing so others can shortcut from my trial and error to success. 

4. GlossGenius Is so Customer-Centric. What Does Customer-Centricity Mean to You?

As an AE, much of what I do requires collaboration to understand context so that I can produce data products that enable others to use it at scale. Since the AE team sits in between the DE and Analytics business lanes, it requires us to build a shared understanding to help our broader team work more efficiently. That's one of the aspects that I truly enjoy about my work.

In a recent example, one of the projects I worked on was to build a session model so that we can have better visibility into how customers visit and engage with GlossGenius. It's something that empowers our Marketing team to have better signals on when/how to engage with customers and will help our Product team to deepen their understanding about our customer's experience using GlossGenius to run their business.

5. What Are Some Ways Your Team Is Raising the Bar?

This may not sound very glamorous, but our Data Team has been carving out time to focus on foundational elements like establishing conventions, styles, data modularity, and checkpoints within our workflows to help foster better coding habits, and create more uniformity and modularity within our analytics code base.

I liken it to tidying up our shop kitchen and setting up systems to make it so that, as cooks rotate in and out, our workspace can be streamlined and kept tidy so we can consistently dish up high-quality data.

6. What Does A Day In Your Life Look Like?

Gosh, each day looks different, but on a weekly basis there is some pattern. Generally, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are my meeting days. I try to reserve Tuesdays and Fridays for more focused, heads-down work. 

As much as I'd like to spend time coding, it often takes lots of research, reading, connecting dots, and building understanding before I can get to writing code. Some days I'm writing exploratory queries in Snowflake, creating a Hex notebook to share analysis with others, or I'm editing/creating new models in dbt. Each day looks different, the challenges vary, and that's what makes my job fun. I often feel like I have a puzzle to solve so it's fun trying to figure out the best way to solve it until I can think of a better way.

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