Employee Spotlight: Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is our Head of Business Analytics and has been with GlossGenius since 2021. Below he shares his favorite parts of GlossGenius, his vision for the future of business analytics at GlossGenius, and what project he’s most excited about this year!

1. What Is Your Team Focusing on This Year?

A major theme for our team this year is data enablement – making sure the GlossGenius team has the access to the data and information they need to make our platform the best it can be for our customers. 

Getting to this point involves a series of projects to revamp our business intelligence ecosystem and the data models underlying it, to make data easier to discover, understand, and use with confidence. My team, Business Analytics, is focused on Executive, Finance/Investor Relations, and Customer Support use cases in particular.

Clearer and more comprehensive visibility and interpretability of business performance greatly reduces risk in decision-making and execution across the organization, and contributes to the company’s overall success in doing so. Our work will also streamline several operational and reporting work streams in the process and make us more efficient.

Another exciting area of focus for us is on building a motion to put our data to use in external publications and original content creation, which drives brand awareness and creates brand equity among prospective customers and prospective employees alike.

2. What Has Been Your Favorite Project at GlossGenius?

I had the opportunity to lay several foundational bricks of our analytics tech stack. Soon after joining the company in 2021, I was faced with the very open-ended question of how data should work at GlossGenius. I had the chance to research and explore, which led me to the discovery and team-wide introduction of the data modeling tool dbt. From there, I was learning fast, and my first foray into managing a team of contractors soon followed. 

Around this same time, I was handed the admin keys to our Snowflake data warehouse, where I was responsible for bringing the company onto a proper business intelligence tool. I’m a builder at heart, so work of this nature is fun for me (and continues to be)!

3. What Are You Most Excited to Accomplish?

In general, I’m excited to see our data and analytics function continue to grow and our data tech stack continue to evolve into a well-oiled machine. This “glow-up” will be extremely satisfying for me in particular, after leading our data team in its small and scrappy infancy.

4. What Does a Day in Your Life Look Like?

I prefer to spend my mornings doing work that benefits from long periods of uninterrupted focus; rethinking the design and logic of our subscriber growth accounting models, for example, or diagramming an operating model for data development. I enjoy going deep on a particular problem or topic.

My time during the day is allocated across meetings of various types, from team stand-ups, to candidate interviews, to planning meetings and one-on-ones. There’s always some sort of unplanned and unanticipated work out of a Slack thread that requires my immediate attention to unblock work, offer clarity or direction, or investigate anomalies in our data.

5. What made you join GlossGenius?

Three things stood out to me at the time I decided to join:

  1. The nature of the role that was pitched to me, which afforded the opportunity to shape a strategic area of the business while also being hands-on and building things.
  2. The caliber and friendly nature of the individuals who interviewed me. It speaks to the culture of the company, that such talented and collaborative people work here.
  3. My feelings about the long-term potential of the business. I knew nothing about the independent beauty space at the time I joined. Now, I appreciate the very real impact our product has on the people who occupy this space, and it’s part of what’s kept me excited to work here!

GlossGenius is actively hiring across many departments – check out our open roles here.  

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