Employee Spotlight: Kirra Moses

Kirra is a GTM Analytics Lead at GlossGenius – she joined in February 2023 as one of our early Analytics Team members and has been fundamental in translating data into actionable insights ever since! Read on to learn more about her role and what she's doing at GlossGenius.

1. How Does GlossGenius Compare to Other SaaS Companies?

My previous role was at HubSpot, which I actually found quite similar to GlossGenius in a lot of ways – both are customer-focused platforms that help small and medium-sized organizations run their own businesses – but are different in that GlossGenius focuses on professionals in the beauty and wellness space.

From a data perspective, one thing that pleasantly surprised me was how clean our data was. A lot of modern data tools like Snowflake, dbt, and Looker were founded before GlossGenius, and being able to use those tools early on makes such a huge difference in working with data. (Shout-out to Greg for building such a solid foundation for our data!)

2. We’re Customer-Obsessed! How Does This Impact Your Work?

One of my favorite things about GlossGenius is how customer-centric we are! It’s so easy to get excited about work when you know you’re helping other people.

Being on the Analytics Team, I have access to a lot of data. Day to day, my work is focused on using that data to really understand our customers. We serve so many different kinds of businesses and each one has their own pain points and needs. 

Long term, my focus is using this data to provide solutions for our customers and share insights to help them scale their businesses. When our customers grow, we grow!

3. What Are Some Ways the Analytics Team Is Raising the Bar?

The first example that comes to mind is that we are commodifying our data. Data is behind most of the strategic conversations that we have at GlossGenius. It enables everyone to make informed decisions that drive business growth. By building a high-quality data product, we empower decisions at every level of the company. This is particularly important as we grow the company and build out new teams that have new data needs.

Another example that comes to mind is commercializing our data to gain insights into the industries that we serve and publicizing it externally. This not only drives brand awareness in the short term, but helps build trust among beauty and wellness businesses, laying the groundwork to making GlossGenius an industry leader.

4. What Does A Day In Your Life Look Like?

I like to start my mornings early, so I can have some time to myself before work. I use that time to workout, cuddle with my cats, or enjoy a coffee on the balcony with my partner. 

I’m based in Brooklyn, and enjoy going into the office occasionally, but prefer to work from home most of the time. When I do go in, I like to go in in the afternoons, which are typically filled with meetings since those hours overlap best with the West Coast.

My evenings usually involve dance classes and socials, video games, or catching up on shows. 

5. What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Job Right Now?

Without a doubt, the people! Everybody is so pleasant to work with and really great at what they do. The Analytics Team recently had our off-site meeting in Denver, where we got to work on some really cool data projects in person. 

GlossGenius is actively hiring across many departments – check out our open roles here.  

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