Employee Spotlight: Emily Hawkins

Emily is a Data Engineering Manager and she joined us in February 2023. She’s visualizing (and building!) how we do data at GlossGenius, working cross functionally with many partners to deliver quality infrastructure and tools. Read on to learn more about her!

1. Take Us Through Your Journey And How You Found GlossGenius

I started out my career in business analytics at Wayfair. During my time there, I realized the work I really enjoyed doing was on the more technical side, and I started learning more about business intelligence and data engineering and improving my engineering skills. 

From there, I moved to a business intelligence role at Drizly, which at the time, in 2019, was a small tech startup in Boston. I joined the analytics team as the second business intelligence analyst. During my time at Drizly I was fortunate to have the opportunity to solve challenging, interesting, and important problems for the business, from creating metrics that drove company goals and strategy, to standing up critical data infrastructure.

Fast forward to 2021 and Drizly was acquired by Uber for $1.1 billion! At the time, I was also getting really involved in the data community, writing blog posts, and giving talks about the work we were doing building our data platform. I also created, and started teaching, a course on analytics engineering on a platform called CoRise.

By the end of 2022, I knew I was ready to move on to something new, with new challenges and opportunities. I saw that GlossGenius was hiring for a data engineering manager to build out the team, and I had heard of the company through Katie Bauer, who is our Head of Data. 

She is someone I have followed and looked up to in the data community, so seeing her at GlossGenius, combined with the new Data Engineering Manager role that was open, piqued my interest!  

I am now leading the data engineering team at GlossGenius! We empower our team members to use our data for high-quality data products, analysis, and decisions, by providing reliable, scalable, and secure data infrastructure and tools.

2. Can You Share Some Examples of How You Embrace GlossGenius Values?

“Learn Fast” is probably my favorite GlossGenius value! I love to learn new things, and bringing that to the data engineering team is very important to me. I try to share as much with the team as I can, like articles and blog posts I'm reading or new tools that are interesting, and I encourage them to do the same. We have a Slack channel dedicated to sharing data reads and resources. 

As part of our sprint planning process, we have bi-weekly retros where we share things that went well, what can be improved, and new learnings. This has really been helpful to make sure we are constantly evaluating where we are, and where we want to go.   

3. What Are Some Initiatives You’re Most Excited About, And Why?

We have so many exciting things happening in the data world at GlossGenius! One of our initiatives involves making our data warehouse cleaner, easier to navigate, and just overall more reliable. It is a big effort across multiple teams, but we are making so many improvements that will make using data just that much more delightful!

Outside of data specifically, Katie Bauer and I started a Women in Analytics employee resource group to bring the women in data, or those who are interested in data, together for monthly chats on different topics. It’s brand new, so there is a lot more we want to do with it, but I'm really excited to see where we can take it!  

4. What Does A Day In Your Life Look Like?

A typical day for me usually starts out with an early morning workout, it can be anything from weightlifting, hot yoga, or cycling class. Starting my day with movement really helps me feel ready to take on the day!

With GlossGenius being a remote company, most of my team is on the west coast, which allows most mornings for me to do focus work. The afternoons are filled with team standups, 1:1s, and other meetings.

After work, I usually relax and watch a show, run errands, or meet up with friends.

5. What Are You Enjoying The Most About GlossGenius So Far?

I think what I am enjoying most about GlossGenius so far is the people. Everyone I’ve been able to work with so far is so kind, intelligent, and they really care about making GlossGenius the best it can be. The people here have so much empathy for our customers, and I really feel like we do care a lot about making our GlossGenius customers as successful as possible.

One of the other things I have really enjoyed so far is the immediate ownership and trust I felt from day one. I was really able to jump right in. For example, in my first two weeks I was already in interviews and making hiring decisions for my team! 

GlossGenius is actively hiring across many departments – check out our open roles here.  

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