Employee Spotlight: Dani J. Berkowitz

Meet Dani, our Community Programs Manager at GlossGenius! She is responsible for all things GlossGenius Community and serves as the connective tissue between our internal team and our beauty professionals. The work she is doing empowers our customers day to day – read more below!

1. Tell Us About Your Role at GlossGenius 

As the Community Programs Manager and (unofficial) Events Producer at GlossGenius, I have the privilege of being the conductor of our community's vibrant symphony. Our GlossGenius Community is a network of beauty and wellness professionals that offer expertise, empathy, and encouragement to help each other grow their skills, and their businesses.

My role as the maestro of “edutainment” involves blending education with entertainment, while tailoring events and programming to our community's diverse interests. Since 2021, I've been at the helm as producer and moderator for 30 live virtual workshops, in-person networking events, and empowering campaigns – nurturing engagement both within and beyond our app.

2. In Your Opinion, What's Unique About GlossGenius?

GlossGenius breathes innovation into the beauty and tech world. Our ethos extends beyond our software and services: It's about crafting an empowering journey for beauty and wellness professionals to achieve their dreams.

A shining example of this would be our recent community-led card reader design project, which showcases the spirit of innovative collaboration with our customers. Our community members have a vision for the future, and we’re strengthening our relationship with them through trust and co-creation.

You won’t meet a more fierce and passionate group of entrepreneurs both internally on the team and in our customer base – I guarantee that.

3. How Do You Foster Collaboration and Innovation on Your Team?

Collaboration and innovation are the heartbeats of my role on the Go To Market (GTM) Team. Not only am I passionate about internal camaraderie (see Karaoke Host under definition of Edutainer) but I love jamming out and coordinating with the Social, Product Marketing, and Content teams to weave our programs into memorable and valuable experiences across the funnel for our wider customer base.

Our brainstorming sessions tend to be epic idea incubators, ensuring we continuously add value through educational content, networking, and co-creation (for the community, by the community). This collaborative spirit supports both our customers' sense of belonging and our team's dynamic internally, fueling our journey of co-creation and innovation together. 

4. We Are So Customer-Centric. How Does That Impact Your Work?

Being customer-centric is like using a stethoscope – always listening for the source of the heartbeat and what’s making it tick. It means empathizing with them, turning their feedback into tangible, impactful actions for our events and initiatives.

For example, we know our members are eager to attend more skill based learning programs to help them succeed at running their business – we are not afraid to call in an expert outside of the brand to come in and share wisdom for our community (and industry at large).

I have always seen my role as a conduit for our Community to be exposed to new voices, diverse thought, and opportunities to build relationships.

5. What Are Some Ways Your Team Is Raising the Bar?

As the front line of GTM, the Social and Community Teams are constantly pushing boundaries with innovative strategies to engage more industry pros with our programming and campaigns. As we recently celebrated breaking our all-time record for virtual event attendance, it is clear to us that our focus on relevant topics, reputable guest speakers, and showcasing diversity, ensures that our events resonate with a wide array of professionals.

6. What Does A Day In Your Life Look Like?

I like to joke that I’m the mother hen of the GlossGenius Community Program – it’s just who I am as a nurturer, so every day feels like tending to a vibrant ecosystem. Embracing the unexpected, I navigate through challenges with agility and creativity, making each day an exhilarating journey in this dynamic industry.

My day starts after I’ve walked our rescue pup Winnie, had some Cafe Bustelo in a cute mug, and checked my inbox and unread messages. Then, I dive into priorities like campaign oversight and collaborative meetings for upcoming initiatives.

I try to keep the line open to embrace transparent and reciprocal communication with our members throughout the week, so we can engage authentically with our community to understand and address their needs.

Some days are uneventful after ticking off my to-do list, but others I like to wrap up the day with what I call an impromptu “productivity power hour” session (that I usually invite my team to join with no expectations, a.k.a. camera off/muted) where I listen to music and power out all the admin and stuff that usually piles up at the end of a busy week!

Thanks for reading – DJ Mazel Tov out 🎤

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