Employee Spotlight: Mike Wendell

1. How Does GlossGenius Compare to Other SaaS Companies?

One thing that stands out is that GlossGenius has done an incredible job growing the business over the first few years. Achieving the growth we have with minimal sales support is pretty remarkable – and even more exciting now that we have more sales involvement.

We are also really focused on scaling in a smart and efficient way. That’s not something I have seen a lot of companies prioritize and actually execute on. 

That said, there are still some similarities to other startups: doing whatever you can to make things work, outgrowing your tools or processes quicker than expected, lots of change management, and lots of opportunity (if you can see it). 

2. We’re Customer-Obsessed. How Does This Impact Your Work?

The fact that we are extremely customer-centric is one of the reasons I joined the GlossGenius team! Having a team that covers all parts of the customer experience means we are best positioned to hear directly from the customer and share that feedback across the company. It’s a gift and a huge responsibility. 

I am really happy my team is so customer-obsessed, they help push me every day and hold me accountable to continuing to improve things for the customer, whether that is through the product or the service we are delivering.  Both day-to-day, and strategically, I am thinking about how to take action on the feedback that we receive and working with our product and engineering teams to prioritize the ideas that will be most impactful to our customers and the business. 

3. What Are Some Ways the CX Team Is Raising the Bar?

First and foremost we are focused on our customers and how we can improve their experience. Recently we’ve been trying to raise the bar on our customer-facing metrics, such as response time and resolution time for emails and text messages, and answer rate for inbound calls. 

4. What Does A Day In Your Life Look Like?

From a work perspective, every day is a bit different. We’re still a startup so we are constantly evolving, which is part of the fun! My typical day includes some coaching with my team, reviewing data, working cross-functionally with various teams on projects, and spending some time thinking and planning about different paths forward for my organization. The fact that we are still a startup means a portion of my day is a bit reactive to what is happening in different areas of the company and being a good partner to those internal teams that need our support.

On the personal side, I have two kids in high school now that are both pretty active. So my late afternoons and evenings are usually spent cooking quick meals, driving to/from and watching sports practices or games. 

5. What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Job Right Now?

I would say there are two things at the top of my list: First is the opportunity to build and create! Every day and week there’s something new to tackle, which keeps things fresh and exciting.

The second is the opportunity to coach and develop my team – it gives me the energy and drive to do everything else. It is easily the most exciting part of my day or week. 

A bonus answer: I love getting the opportunity to hear some amazing customer stories and how impactful we’ve been to their business and lives. 

GlossGenius is actively hiring across many departments – check out our open roles here.  

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