GlossGenius Employee Spotlight: Nick Vasko

Meet Nick Vasko, Director, Product Management at GlossGenius. Read below to learn what he loves about working at GlossGenius, the kinds of problems he’s solving, and where he thinks the company is headed toward in the future.

What attracted you to GlossGenius?

I had been watching GlossGenius from afar for a while. Before GlossGenius, I was at Stripe. In my time there, I did a lot of work with the Terminal product. GlossGenius was one of the early beta users for the product, and because of that, I was aware of the success the company was finding.

When I was moving to NYC to be with my now husband, I was looking for exciting startups in the area that were entering their growth stage. GlossGenius was at the top of my list.

I had the opportunity to join Stripe relatively early in its meteoric rise and some of my most fun, challenging, and rewarding professional experiences occurred during this time. I wanted to find a place to do that again.

When I was in the process of evaluating what company I wanted to join next, I had a couple of criteria. I wanted to work with a diverse leadership team, on a product that empowered people, and with users that absolutely loved the product. GlossGenius checked all of those boxes for me.

What’s your favorite thing about GlossGenius so far?

Our users. I love our users and the opportunity we have to build technology that meaningfully impacts their odds of success as entrepreneurs. For as long as humans have lived, the beauty industry has been a hotbed for entrepreneurship, and especially so for individuals that are traditionally underrepresented in other industries.

At GlossGenius, we are on a mission to empower beauty professionals to realize their unique entrepreneurial dreams. Getting up every day to work with our incredible users, understand the challenges they face in running their businesses, and collaborate with my team to figure out how to solve those challenges to enable them to be successful is the best job I could hope for.

What's unique about your role at GlossGenius?

The level of impact my team and I can have on our users' businesses and our business. What my team builds is leveraged by our users every day, and in some cases every hour. Even small changes can have an outsized impact on the success of businesses using GlossGenius and on GlossGenius’ own success.

How do you see the company growing?

The sky is truly the limit for us. I see us continuing to have a very meaningful impact on entrepreneurship in the beauty industry, and ultimately showing many would-be entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship is possible with the right tools in your pocket – or in our case, on your phone. I see us doing more to help our users build new types of revenue for their businesses, and ultimately achieve their dreams.

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