GlossGenius Employee Spotlight: Raj Siyasena

Raj is Head of Payments Utilization at GlossGenius and has been at the company for about two years. Prior to GlossGenius, Raj led product management and strategy teams at Amazon and Stack Overflow, and founded his own vertical SaaS automotive startup. Currently, he works closely with GlossGenius' data, product, and engineering teams to ensure that our product operates as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that we continue to deliver the best payments features to our customers, their businesses, and their clients.

1. What Have Been Some Major Wins for Your Team?

In the last year, our team achieved several notable successes. We focused on educating customers, rapidly testing new initiatives, and launching a new point of sale (POS) system. To achieve this, we developed and implemented various strategic initiatives. Through rapid testing, we were able to validate our hypotheses and gain alignment for building new experiences for our customers. Additionally, we successfully launched the latest and greatest POS system, GlossGenius' stunning card readers. These achievements will continue to drive our efforts in the coming year as we plan to launch new features and improvements.

2. How Did You Help GlossGenius Grow Last Year?

GlossGenius scaled a great deal and added many features over the last 12 months. The Payments team has been instrumental in driving the growth and expansion of the platform.

To support scaling the product, we have focused on several key areas, including:

  1. Optimizing features to effectively identify and mitigate risk, as well as automating payments compliance processes. This has enabled us to onboard thousands of new customers while maintaining the security and integrity of the platform.
  1. Building an experimentation framework and best practices for rapid testing and evaluation of efficacy. This approach has allowed us to quickly identify and implement new strategies that drive customer engagement and adoption.
  1. Implementing new experiences within the application to optimize feature adoption.

To adapt to the demands of a rapidly growing organization, our team has placed a strong emphasis on fostering a culture of collaboration, documentation, and continuous improvement.

3. What Does a Day in Your Life Look Like? 

A typical day for me starts with an early morning workout to start the day with energy and focus. Then, I dive deep into our payments data at GlossGenius to analyze the prior day's performance and update our revenue forecasts. I participate in team standups to review progress and discuss initiatives towards our quarterly goals.

If needed, I interview candidates and hold 1:1 meetings with other team leaders. I also help my team with outstanding tasks and take on my own responsibilities for the current sprint.

Since I work remotely, I take advantage of the flexibility to complete errands and household tasks throughout the day. In the evening, I relax by cooking, watching TV with my wife, and spending time with our dog. I also enjoy playing video games and tinkering with 3D printing, drones, and ML (machine learning) projects, when time allows.

4. What Are You Most Looking Forward to at GlossGenius This Year?

I am most excited about the opportunity to continue making a positive impact on small businesses through my role at GlossGenius. The challenges we take on and the ability to deliver results for our customers are incredibly rewarding. This year, I am looking forward to seeing the new product and revenue avenues the company will explore, and being a part of building and delivering innovative solutions to our tens of thousands of customers.

5. Why Is Now a Great Time to Join GlossGenius?

Now is a great time to join GlossGenius because the company is in a period of growth and expansion. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry and always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our products and services for our amazing customers. Additionally, our team is composed of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work and committed to achieving success.

With a supportive and collaborative culture, opportunities for career development, and a focus on delivering results, GlossGenius is an exciting place to be right now!

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