GlossGenius Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Pablo

Alyssa Pablo is our Brand Experience Manager and has been with GlossGenius since 2016 – she’s seen us go through major growth and has been behind all of our creative endeavors. Below she shares her favorite parts of GlossGenius, how our customer-centric culture influences her work, and what project she’s most excited about this year!

1. How is your team supporting GlossGenius’ goals for this year?

One of my favorite parts of being on the Creative Team is that we get to be involved in projects all across the organization and support each team’s unique goals. I love collaborating with different team members on how we can bring their strategic visions to life in an impactful way through creative solutions and beautiful design.

From a brand perspective, I’m really excited for us to continue raising the bar with our brand identity and define even further what creative excellence means at GlossGenius. We are a small but mighty creative team and with every project, not only do we get to drive towards our company goals, we also establish GlossGenius as a best-in-class brand.

This year, I’m also most excited about how we will be increasing brand awareness even further with the exciting campaigns we have planned. Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time defining what exactly our brand strategy is and how we want to show up for customers. Now we have an even stronger foundation set, I’m looking forward to connecting with our customers more and getting our message heard.

2. How does the Creative Team stay customer-centric?

Our customers are also incredibly creative and imaginative people! We are always looking at our work through their lens and do our best to deliver a delightful, inspiring, and energetic brand experience for them. Staying in-tune with them is a daily routine practice for me. I love keeping up with what’s currently inspiring our customers as it’s always changing with industry trends, new techniques, new business opportunities, and even pop culture!

Additionally, one of the best parts about GlossGenius is that we actually are a part of our community – we don’t just have one. On the wider team, we have makeup artists, hairstylists, and small business owners – including myself. Before GlossGenius, I was managing in a salon setting, doing makeup, and I still work out of a salon suite location today. Being customer-centric is easy because we don’t just stay in tune with them, we are them!

3. What project are you most excited about?

This is hard as there are so many exciting projects the Creative Team is involved with, but currently I’d have to say our viral GLOW campaign happening across social and several other channels where we are the first in the industry to involve the community in what’s next for our product. I love this campaign because it’s all about elevating our customers’ voices and putting them in the driver's seat, letting them do what they do best – which is being the creatives that they are. Right now, we’re asking the community which accent colors they want to see next in the GlossGenius app and so far, not only have our customers had unique and inspiring color stories to tell, but influencers, publications, celeb stylists, and more have had a say, too!

Shameless plug: Check out the buzz happening now and weigh in yourself on the @glossgenius Instagram!

4. What does a day in your life look like?

I love starting my days with my morning routine, which usually includes reading, journaling, a light yoga flow, and a cup of coffee always topped with whipped cream! To start the work day off, I go through our creative dashboard to see what our priorities are for the day, and then creative critiques, campaign brainstorming, or meetings with team members typically follow. Throughout the week you can usually find me either collaborating on creative projects or in what I like to call “Club Figma'' – design jamming with my headphones on! 

Aside from fueling self-expression at GlossGenius, it’s also a passion of mine outside of the company.

Fun fact: I am also a small business owner and opened a jewelry business just last year… and I volunteer as a Chapter Head for an LGBTQ+ non-profit called Out in Tech!

Every day for me is quite different, but also always a lot of fun. When it’s time to wind down, you’ll typically find me on the couch with my Fiancé and fur babies, catching up on our favorite shows!

5. Why is now a great time to join GlossGenius?

Now is a super exciting time to join GlossGenius because as we continue to grow, the ideas and opportunities to serve our customers in unique ways only keep getting bigger. One of my favorite parts about our growing customer base is that even their own business models, salon strategies, and creative ideas continue to evolve – and it’s up to us to evolve with them.

Being “post-covid” and "pre-recession," our customers are navigating through a unique moment in their careers in terms of maintaining their businesses and for their services to be considered essential to their clients. We get to support them through this economic environment and be essential to their businesses as well. Every day is rewarding and every day is truly meaningful!

Additionally, we have an extremely talented and passionate team here at GlossGenius. Just like our customers, the innovation and creativity doesn’t stop – and we are dedicated to providing a product and brand experience they didn’t even know they needed.

GlossGenius is actively hiring across many departments – check out our open roles here.  

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