Brains Behind the Biz: Danielle Cohen-Shohet, CEO & Co-Founder

Get to know the brains behind the biz! Co-Founder, Danielle Cohen-Shohet shares how GlossGenius started and what makes her a #GlossBoss! 

How GlossGenius Started

As a freelance hobbyist MUA, I knew there had to be a better way to manage business and engage with clients. My co-founder was a freelance music DJ and had felt a similar pain in his field. We had worked on several fun projects before since we both knew how to code and build software applications and when we started working on this, we found ourselves spending every minute on it and absolutely loving it – we did nothing but code as we built a first early version of what would later become GlossGenius. Independent beauty professionals loved the platform, despite how janky it was.

But that felt like so long ago – our product has matured so much! And to this day, GlossGenius is run the same way it was started – with passion and an incredible sense of understanding for our talented customers.

Bona Fides

Graduated from Princeton, summa cum laude. Worked in finance at Goldman Sachs & Co. Full-stack mobile and web engineer. Founder of digital receipts app company. Member of Techstars & Inaugural Sephora Accelerate Cohort.

Techy Obsession

This one is easy. GlossGenius is my biggest tech obsession!!! My co-founder & I built GlossGenius from the ground up. But as a programmer, I also nerd out on anything that I can automate with tech. 


Starbucks cafe mocha with skim milk and no-whip. It’s sweet, warm, inventive and yet bold...kind of like how every day should be.

Off Duty

The beauty junkie in me naturally obsesses over facials, hair and makeup in my spare time. I love working out and can be a little bit of a foodie. And I have a massive sweet tooth, so I’m down for anything that involves trying the latest sweet fix. I grew up riding horses competitively so I always make it a point to get some riding in if I have the time. And of course, travel. Discovering new places and things is such a beautiful feeling.

Words to Live By

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. -John D. Rockefeller

Favorite GlossGenius Feature

Playing favorites is hard – I <3 them all! If I had to share my fav feature, it would probably be one that we haven’t released yet but we’ve just started working on. Now are you curious? ;)

What Makes You a #GlossBoss? 

I wake up with a strong urge to make every day count, a strong resistance to taking any of it for granted and a strong appreciation for the obstacles that are going to make me better at the end of the day. This attitude, combined with my inner beauty junkie, makes me a #GlossBoss.

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