Black Friday and Cyber Monday Salon Deals You Can Run Right Now

With the holidays approaching fast, the busy season for your salon is just around the corner. Whether your clients need a fab look for their family dinner, or are looking to cash in on some Black Friday deals, the holiday spirit can drive new and existing clients to your booth. 

Making the Most of the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are a time of giving: consumers are expected to spend $1,447 on average this year. According to the same report, millennials are driving the uptick in spending – and they’re looking to shop at local stores with loyalty programs. The opportunity for salons and other beauty businesses is huge this year: people want to get out and spend, shop local, and go to businesses they trust.

This upcoming busy season can be an excellent time to build your book of business. The best salons are built on trust and safety, and you can take advantage of the market trends with some well-timed deals. Read on for a list of five promos you can run to make the most of your opportunity.

1. Percentage-off Coupons

Offering coupons or deals with percentages off of services is a great way to get people in the door. During this time of year, people love to feel like they’re getting a deal. Showing them how much they’re getting off with a coupon, whether it’s 10, 25, or even50%, can get reluctant people in the door, or convince a recurring customer to spring for another service.

Be careful not to price your discounts too low, but don’t penny pinch either. Consider taking a look at your salon business reports through GlossGenius to see what kind of deals make the most sense.

2. Buy One Get One for Products or Services

Buy-one-get-one deals are another great way to get people to spend a little extra, while helping you liquidate some unsold inventory. You can run this kind of deal on salon products with high profit margins, or even on services with add-ons. 

For example, you can offer a buy-one-get-one-half-off bundle for color treatments, or a buy-X-get-one-free program for appointments. Building loyalty and making your clients feel like they’re really getting something of value is super important for the deal to make sense.

3. Product Bundles and Gift Baskets

Another great way to move the needle is to offer bundles or gift baskets. Bundle products together at a discount from buying the items individually to help motivate your clients to spend more at once. For example, bundling shampoos and conditioners of the same brand at a discounted price can make for a sensible deal, while netting you more cash upfront.

And don’t forget: ‘tis the season of giving after all. You can put together gift baskets with a variety of different products to help your clients cross some names off their list with the help of your salon. Baskets and bundles for different types of hair, at-home spa days, or even everyday beautification make excellent gifts. Put your expertise on display, and add some crafting spice to really jazz the gift baskets up. And if you don’t feel like putting together a basket, gift cards work too. With GlossGenius’ gift card feature, your clients can buy digital gift cards directly from your website, making for an excellent and stress-free gift for the holidays.

4. Free Add-Ons

The goal of running holiday deals during the busy season is to motivate customers to spend their hard-earned money when expecting to spend more than usual. You need to give them reasons to spend some of that hard-earned cash with your salon. Offering free add-ons to services can help give them the nudge they need to take advantage of a timely deal.

You can add on additional services that clients might not want to spring for on a regular basis, or you can use it to help market services that are underused by your clientele. Free add-ons can be a great marketing tool – if your clients have an excellent experience with a free add-on, they might not want to go without it ever again.

5. Giveaways and Raffles

Let’s face it, everyone wants free stuff. You can use this desire to your advantage by offering giveaways or raffles, on the condition that your clients have to buy something to participate. You can run a raffle for a gift basket or a free service and make it so clients will be entered into the raffle if they buy services during a certain time period. This helps create FOMO, but also gives them a reason to act immediately. This is an excellent strategy for Black Friday, when your clients are already on the lookout for deals.

Another idea is to offer giveaways. Any client who comes in for an appointment during a limited time will receive a product sample or a free add-on. Unlike a raffle, this approach guarantees that someone gets something extra for participating, which can help you market additional services or build interest in some of the products you normally sell. 

Marketing Your Deals

The most important part about a deal is getting the word out. If you’re planning to run deals during the busy season, your clients need to know how they can take part and when they need to take action. GlossGenius can help you set up email and texting campaigns with ease so you can make sure your clients know about your holiday offerings. You can also start a social media campaign on Instagram or Facebook to target your local community and get some new faces and heads of hair in your salon.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s critical you make sure that clients, new or returning, can book appointments with ease. GlossGenius gives you best-in-class salon booking software, a custom website, and analytics to help you make the most of your upcoming campaigns.

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