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Expect 35% back in your pocket
Your new estimated revenue
with GlossGenius
You will save
in software & payment processing fees
You will get
more revenue per employee*
*Businesses on GlossGenius reported an average 35% increase in bookings. Learn more about how we calculated the results below.

“In the past, I’ve found that other POS systems charge a lot in fees and take a long time to transfer the funds, but with GlossGenius I pay a low, flat fee for payment processing, and receive the money in my account the next day.”

Rita Rios
Brazilian Spa Suites

"I wouldn’t be able to generate the dollars that I make behind the chair without GlossGenius. No one has the time to do all that GlossGenius does without extremely high overhead. “

Christopher Polcyn
The Cut Collective

“The monthly subscription fee and credit card processing fee is incredibly affordable and delivers a great value to our business. Our clients have such an easy time booking their appointments, and we get ZERO complaints!”

Beck Gallagher
Beck Nails

“After making the switch, my appointments booked online dramatically increased. No passwords to remember or accounts to create. Clients love it and even those who struggle with technology tell me how easy it is!”

Zoey Jolley
Essential Esthetics By Zoey

“Switching to GlossGenius was truly the best move form other past basic systems that were not working for me! I had the most successful financial year of my business with GlossGenius’s help!”

Taylor Steingold

No hidden fees or extra work. Everything is connected and works together to help you take control of your business.

No credit card required.


What does “__% back in your pocket” mean?
This refers to the percentage of additional revenue you could expect to generate by switching to GlossGenius. We get this number by calculating your savings compared to what you’re currently paying for booking and payment processing, then we add additional estimated booking revenue based on data our customers have reported. 
How did we calculate “new estimated revenue with GlossGenius”?
To get this estimate, we started with your average weekly appointment volume and ticket price, then calculated how that would translate into annual revenue. Then, we calculated your savings depending on which booking and payment processing solutions you use – did you know GlossGenius has no add-ons or hidden fees? Finally, we tallied up additional expected revenue based on booking data our customers have reported. These three calculations come together to give you your new and improved expected annual revenue with GlossGenius.
How did we calculate “savings from software & payment processing fees”? 
We’ve calculated the savings you’ll get from switching to GlossGenius from your previous booking software and point-of-sale provider. 
GlossGenius charges a low, flat rate of $24 or $48 for your monthly subscription. Other software providers may charge upwards of $400 per month, depending on your team size, desired features, and other add-on fees.
For payment processing, GlossGenius charges one flat, ultra-low processing rate (just 2.6%) across any type of transaction – whether clients pay in person, card-on-file, or even manual card key-in. Most providers charge two different rates across card-present and card-not-present transactions (with additional fees per transaction). At the end of the day, this is your money – you should keep more of it. 
Interested in learning more about payment processing fees? Here are some great resources:
What do you mean by “$XX more revenue per employee”?
At GlossGenius, customers have reported seeing a 35%+ increase in their revenue from bookings. GlossGenius helps to boost your revenue with the smoothest online booking experience (no client app downloads or logins required), built-in tools and automations to keep your clients coming back, and ultimate financial protection. 
Some of our customers’ favorite features for boosting their bookings include: automated rebooking reminders, unlimited email & SMS marketing, deposits, Reserve With Google, social media booking integrations, and more!
How much does salon software cost?
Salon software pricing can vary depending on several different factors. Base subscriptions start around $25 per month and can run up to several hundred dollars a month. Many salon software companies charge additional fees for certain features, such as sending marketing emails or a booking website builder. Some will also charge an additional fee per employee that uses the platform. 
Another important component to salon and spa software pricing is payment processing fees. Make sure you understand if there are any add-on fees, such as key-in fees if a card is not physically present at the time of a transaction.
Our calculator attempts to accurately compare salon software prices, including different subscription tiers, add-ons, and payment processing fees; however, you should always reach out to any salon software company and understand their pricing before committing to a contract. 
Which salon softwares can I compare with this calculator?
We created our calculator to compare pricing for some of the largest players in salon software, including: GlossGenius, Vagaro, Booksy, Fresha, Boulevard, and Mindbody. Vagaro pricing, for example, was calculated with all their known subscription tiers, payment processing, and add-on fees for popular features.
Whenever you compare salon softwares, it’s important to understand all the fees that different companies charge, and identify how much you might be paying each month. This calculator is a great way to get started!