Work-Life Balance for You and Your Salon During the Holiday Season

The holidays are here, which also means full throttle #hustlemode for the busy season. While it might be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most stressful– and not just for buying presents. It might be tempting to double book and cram your schedule, but don’t forget to take care of yourself first. Follow these tips to keep your energy up and your stress levels down this holiday season.

What Is Burnout?

Burnout isn’t just a buzzword – it's a well-researched and documented state of mental fatigue that’s characterized by intense emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. It can happen to anyone, and in the world of beauty, it often starts when work gets it a little too taxing.

If burnout isn’t treated, it can lead to major health complications including anxiety disorders, heart problems, weight gain, and more. It can also rob you of your inspiration, creativity, and even the joy you feel at work. Luckily, there are ways to safeguard yourself and your salon from burnout, especially during the busy season.

1. Block off Time for Yourself

Blocking off time in your schedule is a major key to keeping your mind and body healthy. It’s easy to feel tempted to stay a little later, take on another walk-in, or even take some work home with you, but blocking off dedicated amounts of time for yourself or for family time can help you stay focused on what matters.

2. Treat Yourself and Your Team

It’s the season of giving, but no one said you can’t give a little to yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day –it’ll help you recharge and stay on your game. Treating your staff can go a long way, too. It’ll keep them happy, make them feel appreciated, and inspire them to grow with you. Offering vouchers for beauty treatments, for example, is an excellent way to give back to your staff.

3. Set Healthy Boundaries

Blocking time is one thing, but keeping a healthy workload when you’re at the salon is just as important. It’s the holidays, people might be desperate for the season’s best look at the last minute. But don’t be afraid to say no to staying open late or opening up another appointment. 

4. Cut Off Problem Clients

Some might say the holidays are the season of difficult clients. Dealing with them can be tough and demeaning: they can be snippy, demanding, or downright rude. You can’t plan for it or prevent it, but you can find ways to cope with the inevitable difficult client and maintain your zen. A big part of keeping a good work-life balance is standing up for yourself, your work, and your team. Don’t hesitate to cut off problem clients: your mental health is worth too much.

5. Bring on Some Extra Help

There comes a time for every small business when they need to expand. The extra volume that comes with busy seasons may be tough to manage, but you don’t need to be a hero: consider when you need to expand your team and bring on some extra help. Becoming a boss may bring some extra challenges and responsibilities, but having an extra pair of hands to help serve your clients when they’re busting down the doors can take tons of stress off your back. Plus, it can help you scale when the holidays are over.

Safeguarding from Burnout

You might be more likely to feel burnt out during the busy season, but it can happen at any time. It’s an accumulation of stress, after all. Safeguarding yourself and your salon from burnout means limiting stress wherever you can. Adding tools like GlossGenius can cut down on the stress of using pen and paper or constantly answering phones, and help you stay organized for the rush. To find out how GlossGenius can help you, start your free trial today.

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