Getting Ready for the Holiday Season at Your Beauty Salon

Brace yourselves – the holiday season is upon us, and as things in the world are (hopefully) getting back to normal, this one might be busier than ever. ‘Tis the season for seasonal skin peels, glammed up NYE nails, and gift cards galore.

Ready or not, it’s time to prepare for the holidays, so here’s your list (be sure to check it twice) for how to get ready for the season ahead.

Check Your Calendars

First things first, prioritize your time off (you’ll need it!) and start looking at how you’ll want to adjust your hours. If you have employees, be sure to discuss with them as well so that any PTO has been accounted for and you’ll still have coverage for those peak-season spots. Cross-reference your schedules, adjust hours, and mark the days that you’ll be closed so clients can start looking (and booking) ahead accordingly.

GeniusHACK: Use GlossGenius’s Teams function to make sure your collective calendars are aligned and update your availability in the app so clients are clear on who is available.

Select Your Special Offers

Despite the high demand during this time of year, the reality is customers expect holiday deals and the competition is often stiff. Create specials that will not only satisfy your bargain-seeking patrons, but will also help you attract new clients or raise your average ticket total. Host a pampering party where clients get a discount on services if they bring along three new clients who book. Offer a promo on gift cards where clients get $10 back on every $50 card they purchase. No matter what special offer suits your salon best, be sure to spread the word far and wide.

Line Up Your Prebookings 

Once your specials and seasonal hours are sorted, start planting the seeds for your clients to prebook any and all appointments they need over the next few months. Remind clients that you’ll be getting booked up quickly and it’s in their best interests to get penciled in as early as possible to secure a slot that works for them.

GeniusHACK: Because you may have more clients booking earlier in advance than they’re used to, be sure to utilize booking reminders – for you and your clients – so you don’t end up with no-shows.

Share on Social, SMS, or Email

With everyone jumping on the holiday bandwagon, you need to stand out from the crowd with a strategic plan to announce your hours, share special offers, fill in cancelled appointments, and promote prebookings. Using a combination of GlossGenius’s sleek social templates and location-specific hashtags is essential for reaching new clientele and sharing up-to-the-minute updates on last-minute openings. Take advantage of the GlossUp SMS and email campaigns to directly reach your VIPs or send a mass message to all of your clients to keep them in the loop.

Move Your Gift Cards

Not only are you making your clients look and feel their best, let them know you’re also making their holiday shopping a lot easier! Clients can purchase gift cards through your GlossGenius booking site under the About section and the recipient will directly receive an email with this digital gift. When they come in for their appointment, the preloaded balance will already be reflected in their account making checkout a breeze for both parties.

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