Why You Need to Switch from Pen and Paper to a Tech Solution

If you’re still jotting down appointments in a paper planner or juggling different notebooks to track client notes, we promise this will be the most satisfying breakup you’ll ever have – it’s time to say goodbye to the pen and paper and dive into the digital era.

Not sure if it’s time to turn to a tech solution? Below, we walk through a few common situations that might arise in your relationship of writing everything down. If any of these feel a little too familiar, it’s time to ditch the pen and paper.

You Forgot About an Appointment 

A client calls to set up an appointment for next Tuesday. On a good day, your planner is in front of you and you immediately pencil them in. On a bad day, you put down the phone, instantly get distracted – your next client walks in the door, your child asks for dinner, another call comes through – and that pencil never quite makes it to the paper. Tuesday rolls around and you’re double-booked, or worse not even there!

If this sounds like you, real-time scheduling and calendar synchronization will be a game-changer. You need a tech solution that will automate your booking process, instantly update your calendar, and send reminders so you never miss an appointment again.

You Misplaced Your Client Notes 

A new client comes in and you totally nail their custom color mix. You jot down the exact formula in one of your (many) notebooks and toss it in your station drawer. Their touch-up appointment comes along and you can’t seem to remember which notebook you used, so you’re starting from scratch… and you realize you don’t have their color in stock.

If this hits too close to home, the solution you’re seeking is streamlined client management. You need a platform that can track your client contact info, organize appointment notes, and send you notifications of upcoming bookings. This is the personal assistant you always wanted.

You Have No Idea How Much Money You’ve Made 

The middle of April is fast approaching and you’ve suddenly realized you have no idea what your income was last year. You’re rummaging through shoeboxes of invoices, cross-referencing an Excel spreadsheet of expenses, and using a calculator to tally up your profits; you swore you’d be more organized this year.

If tax time has you sweating year after year, you need an accounting makeover. You’ll do best with are porting system that automatically calculates your P&L so you always know what you’ve made and it’s easy to share when your accountant comes knocking.

Your Product Inventory Is Not Adding Up 

It’s time to place a product order and you’re having trouble tracking down those MAC Matte Lipsticks that you know you just ordered last month. You double-check your retail notebook, but it doesn’t seem up-to-date, so you go ahead and order another dozen… and then you find the “missing” lipsticks in your kit.

If this has happened to you, your paper trail can’t be trusted. It’s time to activate an inventory tracker that you can rely on, which is ideally one that doesn’t depend on your handwritten notes.

The All-In-One Solution to Your Pen and Paper Problems

Do away with that box full of index cards, pile of Post-Its, or paper planner to track your schedule, daily to-dos, and client notes – you’re not serving yourself or your clients as efficiently as you could be. No matter where you fall on the paper problem spectrum, GlossGenius has the industry's most intuitive and advanced (yet easy-to-use!) system that lets you shine in no time.

What about all the notes you already have? We got you, boss. Our White Glove Service can import your data –even if you're using pen and paper! Getting started with GlossGenius couldn’t be easier. You don't have to lift a finger while we help you transfer your data. Our White Glove transfer service is compatible whether you're switching from Vagaro, StyleSeat, Schedulicity, Square, Excel spreadsheets, or good ol’ pen and paper! You give us the info, we'll get it in the app.

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