6 Things to Look for in Cloud-Based Salon Software

What Is Cloud-Based Salon Software?

Cloud-based salon software is any program or solution that helps you run your salon business from the cloud. Unlike generic software that might need to be downloaded onto a device or accessed through a disc, cloud-based salon software is hosted on the internet – so you can access your salon software from just about anywhere, typically on a variety of different devices.

Six Things To Look For In A Cloud-Based Salon Software

Ideally, your cloud-based salon software should integrate a variety of core salon business functions into one place. Salon software connects your appointments, client list, payments, inventory, staff, and reporting through one hub that houses all your information.

How can you find the right salon software for your business? Start by making a list of your needs. Here are some common challenges salons like yours might be having that a cloud-based salon software can solve:

1. Having An Organized Appointment Calendar

Bookings are everything in the salon biz. Managing them, however, is one of the biggest challenges. Salon software can help you manage a calendar of bookings and enable your clients to book online – meaning fewer phone calls and hassles. By allowing clients to book directly online through a booking website, you’ll be able to save countless hours taking calls and confirming appointments. The best salon software can automatically remind clients in the run-up to their appointments to help minimize no-shows and cancellations.

Cloud Based Salon Software Calendar & Scheduling

2. Building Strong Relationships With Clients

Social media is a great channel to market your salon and attract new business, but it’s just as important to build and maintain relationships with your existing clientele. Salon software that allows you to send emails and texts with important announcements, new services, or promotions can really help you to up your client retention game. The best salon software also helps you to keep client notes so you can remember what you did last time and keep up with major milestones and life events to build your relationship and client loyalty.

3. Selling More Products

If your salon sells products, keeping tabs on inventory, orders, and deliveries can be a headache, especially when your calendar is already full. Your salon software should be able to handle inventory for any products you might sell, and track costs and profits. Not only will this help you stay on top of your inventory, it can also help you understand which products are popular and find ways to optimize prices and orders so you can get more out of your inventory sales.

4. Empowering Your Salon Team

Running a multi-person salon is no mean feat and your salon software should help make everyone’s life easier. Give staff members their own logins and customize permissions – such as who manage calendars, checkout clients, issue refunds, modify reviews, or access reports and analytics – so you can spend less time micromanaging your staff, but still keep track of workloads and revenue generated. Cloud-based staff management can even free you up to take a much-needed vacay or go out for lunch without having to worry about your staffs’ appointments.

5. Professional Checkout Stations

Most clients are looking for convenience and will expect you to accept any credit card or digital payment. Cloud-based salon software with integrated payment processing makes it easy to check out a client for the services they received and any products they buy. You can ensure a professional checkout experience with an iPad and a card reader, too.

6. Understanding How You’re Growing

Without software to connect the dots, it can be extremely tedious to tie together your appointments booked, services performed, and inventory sold to your profits and losses. Cloud-based salon software should be able to take all the information from your calendar and inventory and synchronize it in one, easily accessible place. With this data at your fingertips, you can see in real time things like profit/loss statements, appointment analytics, product sales, and who you top clients are.

This information can help you maximize your profits with ease, so you can spend more time thinking about your craft and less time worrying about how it all adds up.
When it comes to managing your salon, you probably have a series of routines and rituals to maintain your books, track your appointments, and manage your clients. But pen, paper, and even spreadsheets have their drawbacks – it’s hard to make changes on the fly, look back on past appointments, and connect the dots between appointments, time, and profits. This process gets so much harder as you scale – whether you bring on additional staff, open multiple locations, or even offer different types of appointments. Cloud-based salon software, which works from anywhere, can help you stay organized and keep your most critical data all in one place. And the best part, there are tools and solutions available for any size business on any budget.

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