Make Sure Your Salon Suite Has These Things Before Signing a Lease

Choosing the physical space for your salon is one of the most exciting parts of becoming an independent stylist but it can be a pretty daunting decision. You’ve likelys pent hours researching, scouting, and touring, and still may be no closer to choosing your new creative home. 

If you’re feeling really stuck, breaking it down into three main pillars of priority can help you zoom in on the perfect place. When renting a salon suite, focus on the exterior, the interior, and the details – and make sure you don’t settle for anything less than fabulous!

We explain just how to do that below.

The Exterior

Location, location, location, right? As you’re narrowing your choices for a salon to rent, options in your ideal neighborhood will naturally rise to the top. Beyond that, be sure to look for a building with security and privacy – no one wants to feel like passersby are peeping in on their beauty secrets! Clients should feel safe from the moment they arrive and have a sense of exclusivity when entering your space. Another important factor to consider is accessibility and parking. Is the building ADA-compliant? Is there dedicated parking for the number of clients you or your neighbors may have visiting at any given time?

The Interior

With your workflow and products in mind, take a look inside and ensure the space is big enough for your creative needs. Check for cabinets or shelving that would work as your back bar and house retail products. Look for an onsite washer and dryer or laundry sink for easy access to fresh linens pertinent to your services. And never underestimate the importance of a break room with a refrigerator and microwave. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, and you’ll need a space for your own downtime or lunch breaks.

The Details

Seemingly obvious, but often overlooked: a bathroom that both you and your clients have access to is a must! Don’t forget essentials such as WiFi and utilities; find out what’s included in your lease agreement and who the service providers are in the area. Speaking of agreements: read them thoroughly! Review your contract with a fine-tooth comb, and make sure you feel good about the terms and conditions listed within. Before committing, it’s also a good idea to discuss maintenance with the building owner to ensure they have a process in place to quickly respond to repairs – not dealing with a leaky faucet until a client’s head is in the sink is not a good look!

And if you’re still not ready to sign the lease, take a step back and start with the Ultimate Salon Opening Checklist to get a clear picture of everything you need to know about making this move. This is a big step for you! No matter which setting you select to spread your independent stylist wings, take some time to pop some bubbly and enjoy the moment – you have officially reached boss status. Don’t forget to update your booking website with your new address and create a text or social media campaign to share the news!

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