Let Go of Control to Create a Happier Salon Team

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know the fundamentals of what makes up a successful team – great athletes and a smart coach. You’ll never see a coach run onto the field and take over when a player isn’t performing. What you will see in a good coach is someone on the sidelines, sharing guidance, motivation, and feedback, while making sure everyone is doing their part to succeed.

Being a boss is like that, too.

It would be impossible to play every position in your salon. Instead, take a page out of the coach's playbook, look at the field from a bird's eye view, let go of control, and instead ensure your players have all the equipment they need to score.

Here’s how you can create a winning environment in your salon that makes every employee feels like an MVP.

Be In Control, Not Controlling

It’s tough for most people, especially ambitious entrepreneurs, to stand on the sidelines. Whether you think you can do it better yourself or you feel the need to prove you can do it all, the resistance to delegating is real, especially when you’re coming into your own as an independent professional or business owner. When you take a look at the psychology of delegating and the importance of surrendering some control, you can start to understand there’s nothing to fear about letting go.

One of the strongest antidotes for a fear of letting go is to cultivate a strong trust between you and the staff you bring on board. The importance of hiring the right people is essential to releasing the idea that you need to do everything. Take time to come up with thoughtful interview questions that get to the root of your values as a salon owner and service provider to make sure you’re aligned with the right employees from day one. From there, make sure you put a proper onboarding system in place to train newcomers properly about your business practices and expectations so you can feel good about sending them into the salon to represent your brand and provide the exceptional client experience you expect.

It might seem scary to let someone else take the reins on something, but it will also save your sanity in the long run. Letting go and letting others take on certain responsibilities allows you to free up more time for what’s important to you – in your business or personal life – and it allows you to multiply your profit margins by having more hands on deck.

It also supplies them with a greater sense of ownership and motivation to move forward in their career.

As you start to delegate, be cautious not to err on the other extreme of the spectrum. Being a good boss doesn't mean being bossy. Give clear directions with kindness and consider the tasks you’re handing off to make sure it’s not always just the stuff you don’t want to deal with or something they can't handle yet.

Do it for the Greater Good

Letting go isn’t just a sanity-saver for you, it’s something your team will also thank you for – nobody enjoys being micromanaged.

Toxic work environments can almost always be traced back to bosses with bad behavior or poor leadership skills. It's also why people leave.

In fact, many of you may have even made the decision to finally go out on your own because of a manager or salon owner you simply couldn’t stand any longer. Micromanaging, blowing off employee boundaries, and showing a lack of respect for your hardworking staff will quickly leave you feeling a lot more independent than you bargained for.

Understand that delegation makes you a better boss and people will appreciate the effort to give them opportunities to grow. Whether you’re promoting them to a new level of responsibility or simply making their job simpler with easy access to what they need, the people on your side will feel appreciated by being given the appropriate level of control. When you hire the right individuals, take care to cultivate trust in them, and because you can track your business progress with the right salon systems in place, you never have to be the villain. Your staff will love working with you and will likely work harder for you as a result.

Set the Team Up for Success

Letting go can sometimes seem like more trouble than it's worth when you feel you have to constantly check in, juggle multiple schedules, or stop what you’re doing to provide access to certain documents or information. Luckily, there’s all-in-one salon software made especially for these situations that makes multi-user management a breeze. Enter GlossGenius Teams

Building a team on GlossGenius not only makes managing your business a breeze for you, it also gives your staff, booth renters, or even your accountant and marketers a level of autonomy and confidence that allows them to better provide for you and your clients.

And as a bonus, giving your partners access to customizable, role-appropriate features within the app also makes them feel like part of your business and its success. Whether your salon is made up mostly of service providers or you have other third-party contractors (a social media manager or accountant, for example) contributing to your growing empire, you’ll find that the right software helps to expand your brand with all the right features, seamlessly. 

With the GlossGenius Teams features, you can assign different people different roles, all with deeply customizable permissions so you can protect what’s private and freely share whatever’s on the need-to-know basis for their job description. You can also share calendars – both business and personal – so everyone knows where to be and when, and allow your team access to expenses and reports so that you’re not the only one responsible for crunching numbers.

Best of all, you can invite unlimited professionals to your primary account, so your employees can access all your favorite features and in-app tools, at no extra charge!

Now you’re ready to let go, take a deep breath and focus on building a team that supports one another. Inside this free guide, you’ll learn a bit more about how your leadership style affects your staff and how to keep everyone happy so they show up for you and each other day after day.

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