How to Get More Clients Organically

One of the key components of a successful beauty business is attracting new clients. There are several inexpensive options for getting your biz in front of new faces and we’re sharing the step-by-step keys to success here.

Use Google Business Profiles 

Before signing up for other service platforms, be sure to make the most out of a free Google Business Profile first. You can instantly create a stronger online presence, and the exposure is exponentially more than most other websites – who doesn’t turn to Google first when searching for just about anything?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Manage Now”
  3. Add your business name and info 
  4. While you wait for your business to verify, go back to “Manage Now” and start to fill in all the key info about your business, including the operating hours, description of services offered, contact details, and a link to your website, so that anyone searching can easily take the next step toward booking you. 
  5. Any time you want to manage or update your google business info, go back to this link.

Promote on Social Media 

You’re likely already using social media to show off your work, so you may as well use these platforms to boost your business growth with paid promotions or strategic campaigns.

On Instagram:

  1. Add a “Book” button on your Instagram bio to easily increase your bookings. You can do this quickly with the GlossGenius app by heading to Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Facebook/Instagram Booking > Connect to Facebook. It will prompt you to log in to connect your booking button. 
  2. Consistently post engaging content such as stunning before and afters, time-lapse videos of a top-selling service, Stories that share a tip of the day, or polls to gauge your audience’s thoughts and opinions on an industry-related topic.

On Facebook:

  1. Create a business page that puts your brand front-and-center with your location, business hours, and services paired with an eye-catching cover photo and profile picture. 
  2. Start inviting friends to your page, stay engaged with newcomers, and watch as the “likes” organically start to grow. 
  3. Encourage every client to “check-in” on Facebook with an incentive (something as simple as a free sample is fine), so that all their friends have social proof of your work as a trusted service provider.

On any social media platform:

  1. Use your hashtags. We did a study of the most popular hashtags for MUAs and stylists and found that these are the best hashtags to help artists get discovered. Also, be sure to include some location-specific tags to draw local searchers to your page. 
  2. Host contests and giveaways. Running a giveaway where people need to follow you, like your post and tag others can bring in new followers at a minimum cost (that cost essentially equates to whatever you’re willing to give away, be it a package of products or an easy-to-execute service).
  3. Encourage others to share your page. Start with your friends and family and get more strategic as you grow by introducing incentives and client referral programs (more on that below).

Get on Groupon

Yes, we know that this website is in fact a marketplace, but Groupon can be an effective client acquisition tool if you do it right.

  1. Focus on new clients. The trick is to get new clients in the door with attractive deals, then do what you do best to win over a loyal regular. Keep in mind that Groupon’s business model is to take a cut of every transaction completed using their platform so your goal here should be focused only on attracting new clients. 
  2. Negotiate your deals with Groupon and set a price for your prospective customers that will be alluring for them without hurting your bottom line. 
  3. Be smart about terms and conditions. Luckily, Groupon gives you the freedom to set your own rules about how and when your Deals can be used. Deals should have redemption rules (e.g. once per year), expiration dates, and they should stipulate who can use them and when.

Start a Client Referral Program

No matter how many digital marketing mavens try to fight it, there’s no denying that word-of-mouth marketing still goes a long way. Your VIPs are regulars for a reason and it won’t take much to get them to help spread the word. As a token of appreciation for them, you can show some love with a referral rewards program for existing clients who send new folks your way. A gift card towards a future service, an add-on service, or a certain percentage off their next visit, might triple the return once the word gets out.

Host an Open House

You don’t have to be celebrating a grand opening to host an open house. These engaging events can be hosted anytime you have something new to share (a number of new staff members, an updated services menu, an updated salon look, etc.) or whenever you’re looking to expand your roster of clients. While the number one reason for hosting an event like this is to generate new customers, it’s also important to create a sense of community with your neighbors. By extending invitations beyond your clientele, you’re opening the door to collaborate with other professionals, which is great for word-of-mouth referrals!

Network in the Neighborhood

On the topic of being neighborly, there are several community-based websites that act as a liaison for residents of your local area. Companies like Nextdoor have hundreds of thousands of users all looking to build real-world connections and take recommendations from those nearby. And with sites that boast global reach like this one, you can use the same model for connecting with new peers and potential clients in cities across the country (or world) should you choose to expand your empire. Just like GlossGenius, it only takes a couple of clicks to get started on Nextdoor.

Client Retention Is What Counts

Being able to boost your client base is an important skill to have as an independent beauty professional, but client retention is the real key to survival. Because existing clients are statistically more likely to spend more and to recommend your services to others, keeping them happy is going to be one of the biggest assets to your business. In our free Client Retention Workbook, we walk you through simple tactics you can employ to reinforce client retention before, during, and after every appointment. Being the boss that you are, we know you won’t stop there, so whether you’re looking to level up your goals, build a team, or set up a second shop, we’ve got you covered.

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