Why, When, and How to Host a Salon Open House

Hosting a salon open house is a great opportunity to generate new business, create a deeper connection with your community, or simply show off a new salon.

If you’re thinking about opening the doors of your space for one of these events, you may want to dig into the Whys, Whens, and Hows. Here’s how to ensure you’re fully prepared to translate your talent as a stylist into the proverbial host or hostess with the mostest.

Why Host an Open House

Whether you’re treating this as a grand opening or you’re a seasoned pro looking to expand your roster of clients, the number one reason for hosting an event like this is to generate new clientele. If you’ve recently expanded your staff, hosting an open house is also a great way to show off the different skill sets or new services your salon now offers.

It’s also important to create a sense of community with your neighbors and other industry colleagues. By extending invitations beyond current or prospective clients, you’re opening the door to collaborate with other professionals (which is great for word of mouth referrals!) that may result in mutually beneficial collaborations.

When to Host an Open House

You should throw an open house soiree at a time that makes sense for your business and goals. Maybe you’ve just opened and need to drum up attention, maybe you’re celebrating a special anniversary, or maybe you’ve had a look at your numbers and realized you need a little marketing boost.

Whenever the date may fall, you ideally want to plan for a time when all of your staff and many of your clients and neighbors can attend. By aiming outside of your normal business hours when your team is done taking clients, you can create a fun, happy hour type of vibe that brings everyone together for a couple of hours. Alternatively, you could opt to host an all-day event where guests are welcome to pop in and out during working hours to reach a wider set of clientele.

How to Throw an Open House

Step 1: Evaluate safety first

Health and safety precautions are the priority. Make sure you have an adequate amount of hand sanitizer throughout, have extra face masks on deck, think through the event flow, open doors or have a fan on hand for ventilation, and possibly consider employing a health-status questionnaire or vaccine check at the door.

Step 2: Spread the word

Start promoting at least two weeks prior to your open house through a variety of channels. Share with your followers on social media, and take it a step further by boosting posts into paid ads to tap into a new audience as well.

Using GlossGenius’s Emailer and GlossUp campaigns, you can send invites directly to specific groups. Get those clients you haven’t seen in six months back in the door or target the ones who only booked once to show them what’s new. Be sure to share details such as discounts or referral kickbacks that will entice guests to attend.

Step 3: Prepare your space

Start surveying your space in the days leading up to the open house to make sure it is presentable. Make sure any and all public spaces are immaculate and well-organized. Communicate with your team to make sure everyone plays their part in keeping their stations clean or has taken responsibility for a specific task to help prep for the event.

Step 4: Plan your menu

An open house wouldn’t be any fun without a few treats. Almost everyone is down to enjoy a glass of wine or bubbly after work, but also consider mocktails and a variety of foods that everyone can eat. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful fruit or crudite platter to start – then layer in some more indulgent treats like chocolates or cheeses.

Step 5: Create an experience 

Make sure the evening is engaging – it’s not only about driving sales, it’s about creating an experience that your guests connect with. You’re setting the tone for how clients will perceive your salon experience and this is the chance to start off strong. Make it fun with product giveaways, make it informative with service demos, or make it interactive with models showcasing your work.

Get attendees back in the door with a discount on their next service by having a QR code set up at the event where guests can scan to book on the spot. Leave a lasting impression with a few freebies and give away swag bags with product samples, gift cards, or vouchers for a complimentary add-on with their next service.

Step 6: Follow up 

Have guests check-in upon arrival or sign a guest book so you can keep in touch after the event. Send out a thank you note to everyone who attended and keep them on your mailing list for future promos or announcements.

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