Opening a Salon Checklist: A Free Step-By-Step Guide

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Starting a beauty business is no small feat, but walking into your own salon for the first time makes every second of planning worth it. If you’re reading this, you’re already taking step one (congrats!), and of the myriad of feelings you’re feeling right now, we can probably guess a few. Excited? For sure! Inspired? One hundred percent. Overwhelmed? Not for long...

Everything you need to know about how to open up your brick-and-mortar business as an independent beauty pro is inside The Ultimate Salon Checklist. From organizing your legal docs to landing your first client, this step-by-step guide covers all the need-to-know hair salon essentials to get you ready for opening day. All of the lists, questions, tips, and tricks within this resource will help you find your space, build your brand, and stock your shelves in no time. 

As you work through each section, you’ll find resources to guide you through every step of the process. Take your time working through the dedicated creative spaces where you can brainstorm ideas, sketch out a game plan, and hold yourself accountable to deadlines. 

The Ultimate Salon Checklist Includes Step-by-Step Guidance on How To: 

  • Establish your business. None of the “legalese,” just all of the details you need to run a business legally. 
  • Find your space. From suite selection to security, this is what to keep in mind for your new home away from home. 
  • Create your space. What you need to know for putting together an efficient (and aesthetic) physical space. 
  • Shop for supplies. A thought-starter for shopping all of your must-have tools of the trade.
  • Find and stock products. A place to track all your favorite products, determine how much you need, and figure out where to find them. 
  • Implement a marketing plan. Resources to help you spread the word and bring your business to life. 
  • Add all the finishing touches. Double-check these extra essentials to make sure you’re ready to roll out the red carpet for your first client. 

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Please enter your info below and we will send you an email with your workbook! 

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