How to Describe Yourself on a Personal Page

Your web presence is important; it provides you with a never ending opportunity to engage with existing and potential clients. Given that there’s so many places that call for a personal description, whether it’s on the web (your personal site, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or a personal bio you hand off to someone, many people ask us what’s the best approach to craft a personal description. Here are a few tips:

  • In most cases, you’ll want to keep it short. We’d recommend starting with 2–3 strong sentences if you’re looking to make a personal description for a personal page. If you’re looking to update your Instagram bio, use phrases instead of full sentences since space is tighter. We’ll provide examples below!
  • What should those 2–3 sentences or phrases contain? Try thinking about your background, your experience and any certifications you may have. How long have you been doing makeup or hair? Even if you’re new to the field, this is relevant for you. Were you trained at MAC or employed by Bobbi Brown? Did you go to cosmetology school? It’s okay if you didn’t! You can still flaunt your skills. Be specific when you describe what you do and not just say “a range of services”. Do you specialize in dramatic looks or natural looks? Retro updos or sleek blowouts? Subtle ombre or deep contrast? What inspires you? Fashion runway looks or classic beauty? These are all awesome! Use them.
  • Make sure to use a spell checker. Cleints are not happy clients. :)

Here’s an awesome example of a makeup artist describing themselves for a personal page:

I’m a certified freelance makeup artist based in NYC and I previously trained with MAC for 2 years. I specialize in bold, dramatic looks inspired by fashion runways, which means I like to make my clients stand out and be WOW at their events. To work with me, please request a booking.

Here’s an awesome example of this same description modified to be perfect for an instagram bio:

Certified freelance makeup artist based in NYC. Trained with MAC. Bold, dramatic looks are my speciality. Book me via: [personal page]

Ideally you’ll want to provide clients with an easy way to book appointments with you and you should link out to a personal page to show you’re legit. Need a free way to make a personal page and accept bookings? Check out GlossGenius.

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