The Value of Communicating Regularly with Clients and Prospective Clients

As functioning adults in society, we learn pretty quickly that communication will make or break just about any relationship in your life. Whether you’re talking to family members, friends, or even your pets, being able to clearly articulate your intentions, expectations, and needs is vital to maintaining a balance between you and those whom you encounter in your daily environment. While you might be biting your tongue in some social situations in order to skip an awkward exchange, if you’re not communicating regularly within your business you won’t be missing out on anything but money. 

Ahead, we break down the value of communication as it relates to your salon and why it's so important to keep a healthy interaction alive with your clients, new or old. 

What You Should Be Communicating

Who you are

Regular communication with your clients gives you a chance to flex that beautiful brand voice you’ve been developing as an independent salon boss. For new or prospective clients, it gives them a chance to get to know you a little better before they fully commit to becoming a regular at your biz. Consistently staying in touch not only keeps you top of mind but also deepens your professional relationships by giving your clients a greater understanding of who you are, what services you offer, and the experience they can expect at your salon.

How you will show up for your clients

The more you communicate, the more your clients will develop a sense of trust with you as their go-to service provider. Hearing from you will make them feel seen, heard, and supported as a loyal customer. Regular interaction also creates a space for transparency and for listening – the more clients hear from you, the more comfortable they’ll be expressing themselves as well. This opens the door for a positive feedback loop that builds respectful relationships, lasting loyalty, and a lot more five-star reviews.

What your boundaries are

In addition to all of the warm and fuzzy interactions, reaching out to your client base consistently makes establishing expectations much easier. There will be times when you’ll need to gently remind clients – whether en masse or on an individual basis – of your salon policies or protocols. Even outside of certain sticky situations, it’s a good idea to occasionally recirculate your position on no-shows, cancellations, deposits, or best practices in your place of business.

Why You Need to Communicate Regularly

Less stress

The beauty of quality communication is that it means you’ll be much less likely to run into misunderstandings. Plus, you don’t want clients to feel like you’re only ever reaching out with bad news or to address conflicts, so establishing a regular flow of exchanges normalizes hearing from you and makes even the less pleasant interactions feel less icky (like addressing those no-shows).

More loyalty

As a service provider, one of the most important elements of your job is building relationships. When you’ve used your communication tools to lay a strong foundation between yourself and your clients, it makes it much easier to maintain loyalty when it comes to raising prices, expanding locations, or encouraging word-of-mouth referrals.

How to Easily Communicate With Clients

No matter what your communication style, GlossGenius gives you the tools to reach more clients for less. Easy-to-use templates for email, text, or social media campaigns allow you to craft effortless messaging customized for your brand.


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for reaching your clientele en masse. By sliding into your client’s inbox you can share specials, advertise new services, announce salon news, and more. With the GlossGenius email feature, you have the ability to email one, all, or even a specific group of your clients with different messages.

To get started with your next email campaign from the app dashboard, navigate to More > Email Marketing > Create New Email Campaign. Then search, select, or filter the clients you want to email and hit Next. Then input your subject line and email content and tap Next to preview your message. As the final step, you’ll have the option to send a test to yourself first or go ahead and get your message out there.


We’re all glued to our phones, and text message marketing is a great way to land literally in the palm of your clients’ hands. This form of outreach often has a highly successful open rate as well – averaging around 98% for many campaigns – making it a surefire way to share important or timely information with clients. If you’re looking to inspire immediate action, this is the way to go for sharing vacation notices, flash deals, or last-minute openings because most people usually check their text messages more frequently than email. 

With GlossGenius’ texting feature, you can easily text clients in your contacts directly from the app with a few taps. From the dashboard, tap More > Text Marketing > Create New Text Campaign. Then search, select, or filter the clients you want to text and hit Next. You now have the option to swipe through templates that cover common salon scenarios or craft your own message. Once you’re ready, tap Next to preview your message, and again, you’ll have the option to send a test to yourself first or send now.

Social Media

Not taking full advantage of the free(!) branding and advertising opportunities that these platforms make available at your fingertips is a huge missed opportunity. GlossGenius makes it easy to rid yourself of all the excuses for not posting as much as you should by saving time with turnkey templates for a variety of posts. Even if you don’t feel like you’re digitally savvy enough to build out a full social media plan, you can still boost your revenue and client relationships by sharing a few of these ready-made posts with your following.

Go to More > Social Templates > Choose Template and find a post that works for your message and aesthetic, then tap Choose > Save to Camera Roll and edit it with the relevant information. You’ll find templates for advertising openings, sharing your booking website, promoting gift cards, and more.


One of the easiest ways to keep in consistent contact with clients is by taking full advantage of GlossGenius’ notifications. Short and sweet, these messages are sent to your clients before or after their appointments as opportunities to confirm, reschedule, cancel, or follow-up. You can even add clients’ dates of birth for an extra special note that automatically goes straight to their inbox on their birthday. To see what is sent for each time of notification, go to More > Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Client Notifications.


As always, use your time behind the chair to create a lasting impression with each and every client. In addition to taking good care of their beauty and wellness needs with your stellar GlossBoss service, use this time to get to know them on a personal level (it might even lead to bigger tips) and to make sure you’re sharing any important salon updates, policies changes, or upcoming promos while you’re at it.

You can level up with ease using GlossGenius’ Client Notes feature to capture everything from formulas and style preferences to major milestones and even subjects to avoid. Simply go to More > Settings > My Preferences > Client Notes to receive a text message after each appointment reminding you to capture client notes – just reply to the text and your notes will automatically be saved to that client. GlossGenius can also send you a text before your next appointment with any notes you have on the client so you’re ready to go!

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