Book Success With These Industry Insider Tips

Here’s a few tips and tricks from the industry’s best to help you keep your clients coming back and make your beauty empire a reality.

1. Always Be On Time

From humble beginnings to running 3 salons, 2 hairdressing academy locations and a product line, Michael Levine knows that being on time is key to success. While being even 10 minutes late might not seem like a big deal, Michael thinks it can drive clients away: “If you are always running 10 minutes behind, your clients will start to walk in already expecting to be frustrated with your lateness.” To make sure clients feel like you’re prioritizing their time, always be on time and if you’re running behind, send them a quick message before hand.

2. Strengthen Your Personal Branding and Listening Skills

As a celebrity makeup artist, Lori Taylor Davis knows that personal branding is important. Choose either skin, eyes, or lips to specialize in, brand and to put in your book. This way when clients come in they can immediately say: “I want that look!”

Lori also knows the importance of listening: “Another piece of advice I’d give aspiring makeup artists is to be a great listener. When I’m on set I’m the quietest person in the room. Use that time to take everything in, don’t try to entertain and instead be thoughtful in your process.”

3. Don't Take Shortcuts

When asked what the biggest mistake most makeup artists make is, the late celebrity makeup artist Maurice Stein said, “I see many professionals who try to make up time by rushing or taking short cuts, only to have to go back and spend additional time fixing the finished look.” This will only make your appointments longer and your clients unhappy. 

4. Build Trust With Your Clients

As both a psychologist and a makeup artist, Jenna Menard knows what makes clients happy. You can connect with clients and start to build their trust in several ways. First, listen to everything your client says and take notes so you can remember. You can also compliment your client. For example, if you are doing someone’s makeup, add in comments like “this is looking so great on you!” or “your brow bones are perfect for this smokey eye look”. 

Give your client haircare and skincare advice. Helping your clients better take care of themselves will make your work easier, and make you seem trustworthy.

5. Send a Follow-Up

As owner of a successful Toronto-based salon, Michael Crispel knows the importance of follow-ups. Send a follow-up to every client. If you are doing makeup/hair for an event, you can really make each client remember you by following up with questions about their event. Ex: “How did it go? Did your lip color last?”.

Bonus? Ask them for photos during the event. If there was a photographer at the event they went to, take advantage of that. It’s a great way to build your portfolio and allow your future clients to see what you’re capable of.

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