Our Favorite Beauty Content on Instagram in November

There’s a lot to be thankful for all year, but when November rolls around, we always look forward to the invitation to slow down, get intentional, and really reflect on what we’re grateful for as individuals and beauty pros.

This year (and every year) we’re especially glad to have such talented, humorous, thoughtful, and creative #GlossBosses in our community. Read on for some of the user content we think you’ll appreciate and give thanks with a follow, like, or comment on their pages.

A Moment of Gratitude

This one goes out to all the clients who show up on time! None of us would be here without the support from the incredible clientele that keeps our #GlossBosses glowing with pride, so we’re kicking this off with a letter of gratitude shared by Tanya Debolt of Studio 17 Men’s salon. From laughter and tears to coffee and snacks, the moments inside the salon are worth a moment of appreciation each and every day.

Sweater Weather Is Here

Sure, wool sweaters are great, but if you want a winter look that you don’t have to worry about shrinking, this Columbus-based nail tech has got you covered. These gel extensions with the plaid/cable knit combo nail art are the creative brainchild of Sarah Gareau of Sage&Beauty, a talented nail artist with a flair for style and technical execution.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you can’t take another bite of pumpkin pie, there’s plenty of other useful ways to consume fall’s favorite gourd. Licensed esthetician Molly Fallon shared a yummy recipe for a pumpkin face mask that works as well as it smells. Pumpkin purée, olive oil, nutmeg, honey, and cinnamon come together for a one-two punch of antioxidants and aromatics that’s good enough to eat (just in case you do still have room for leftovers).

Glow Up Season

Who needs a Christmas tree when you can light up your Chakra mat for the season? This month, licensed esthetician and yoga teacher Noelle Fredrick is showing off her latest wellness tool as an invitation for clients to take their mind, body, and spirit to another level. Gemstones, far infrared rays, and a pulsed electromagnetic field system combine at Beauty from Within Spa to help balance and cleanse the seven chakra points – sounds like something we could all benefit from ahead of the holiday season. 

The Stylist Who Stole Christmas

We’re not saying you should channel your inner Grinch this year, but stylist Drew Inge wants you to know that you can definitely set boundaries with clients without feeling like a monster. Turn your phone off, don’t check your messages on your off days, and say ‘No’ when you need to. Do it with intention and grace and we promise they won’t think you’re a mean one.

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