Our Favorite Beauty Content on Instagram in October

This month, we had a blast combing through the entries and counting votes to discover our HallowGenius Contest winners – the GlossBosses brought their A-game once again! Along the way, we unearthed plenty of crazy, sexy, and cool content, but some of our favorites were the ones with tidbits of TLC that everyone in the industry needs.

After a whirlwind month of bewitching beauty and bold creativity, we’re turning inward to share some advice inspired by our Instagram fam just in time to mentally prepare for the busy season ahead. Read on for some of our favorite mental health moments from the month of October.

Listen to Your Gut

It’s easy to let anxiety get in the way whether you’re overthinking every life choice you’ve made or you’re panic washing that toner out too soon. Hairstylist Amanda Esptein has been where you’ve been and wants you to trust the process. Tune in to your intuition – you’ve got this.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close

There are clients you like, and then there are the clients that become like family. Nothing is sweeter than building a bond with your regulars so deep that they allow you to see the most intimate moments of their life. This tender moment from nail tech Christina Clark should serve as a reminder of how privileged we are to be a part of every chapter. 

Set Boundaries 

As much as you love your clients, sometimes you’ve got to call them out. Some might call it tough love, but it’s more about you setting boundaries that will continue cultivating a mutually respectful relationship that will better serve you and your clients in the long run. The team at Lyfetyme Beauty isn’t afraid of raising the flags – we recommend following suit.

Invest in Yourself

If you needed a sign to remind your clients that your services are worth it, here it is. We love the honesty coming from licensed esthetician Dory Bubulyte. Stepping into your worth is a signal to others that they should be doing the same. Raise your prices and remind your clientele that your services are an investment in their self-care.

Have Fun

When you love what you do, it shows, and stylist Drew Inge seems to be having the time of his life. When you’re in a zone like this, it must be because you’ve fully embraced that the beauty industry is all about creativity and making people feel good. Be yourself, find passion in what you do, and have fun doing it.

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