7 Ways Beauty Professionals Make Clients Feel Extra Special

After all the training, certifications, and practice, your services are the foundation of your business – as they should be, since you worked so hard to polish your craft. However, you can unlock an extra level of professionalism when you start to focus on how you make your clients feel. Refreshed? Beautiful? That’s a given! But when you can make each person truly feel special, your professionalism will soar. By taking the extra step to show your clients even more love, you won’t just meet client expectations, you’ll exceed them. Ahead, find seven ways to make your clients feel extra special when they walk in the door. 

Remember the Little Things With Client Notes

People love to feel heard, so when your clients are talking, make sure you’re taking note – literally. Immediately after your appointment, jot down a few things about what’s happening in your client’s life that you can ask about the next time they come in. This sense of personal connection will let clients know they’re more than a paycheck. Using the client notes feature in GlossGenius allows you to easily recall each patron’s formulas, favorite products, or preferred techniques.

Best of all, you can set reminders and turn on notifications so you never forget to check or take notes again. To save notes by text message, navigate to Settings > My Preferences > Client Notes and you’ll receive a text after each appointment to record notes. Respond to that message and your text will automatically be saved under that client. You can also add records manually – tap Clients, choose the relevant client, select Notes, then Tap for New Note.

Spoil Clients on Their Birthday With a Promotion

For most people, a little “happy birthday” goes a long way. And when it comes from someone outside their immediate circle of friends and family, it can mean that much more. Whenever you add a new client to GlossGenius, you can enter their date of birth. Once you have those details on deck, head to Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Client Notifications > Birthdays and toggle Send Clients a Birthday Email.

You also have the option to Add a Promotion that you can customize as a gift to your clients in honor of their special day. When your client’s birthday arrives, they’ll automatically get a sweet message from you, which also serves as a great reminder for them to book their next appointment!

Show Appreciation by Sharing Client Reviews

We know you love to showcase all those glowing client reviews on your booking site. But next time you’re posting on your social channels, tag the clients responsible for providing you with that ever-valuable social proof. They deserve recognition for being part of your word-of-mouth marketing team and it will make them feel seen by showing that you really appreciate the time they took to say something positive about your work.

Show Clients off on Your Website Portfolio

Everyone has a few clients who live for a photo opp. We like to call those “content clients” and they totally deserve their time in the spotlight for making your work look so good. You’ll make these clients feel like supermodels when you add them to your website portfolio and your Instagram feed (don’t forget to tag them so they share on their pages, too).

You can easily take and organize photos in GlossGenius with the portfolio gallery feature. Go to More > Portfolio > Add From Your Camera Roll and you can quickly take a new photo or add photos from your phone’s image library. Once you’ve uploaded the images you want to share, simply toggle Show portfolio gallery on website and a new menu item and portfolio page will populate on your booking site.

Reward Clients for Their Loyalty With Extras

You’ll never lose money by making people feel good. Surprise and delight loyal clients with small perks like a free add-on or product when you know they have a special occasion coming up. You can also create moments to celebrate on the fly with your clientele. Maybe it’s a free add-on on your salon’s anniversary or maybe it's something as simple as giving away samples of your favorite color for National Lipstick Day – no matter what the occasion is, your clients will love feeling loved.

Let Clients Have First Dibs on New Products or Services

Clients will always look to you as the expert, but you can show them that their opinions and experiences matter, too, when you ask for their input on new or popular products. Make them feel like a part of your trusted inner circle by offering free trials of a service you’re testing out or by using them as a focus group for popular new products.

Give Your VIPs Extra Attention With Targeted Messaging

Many people get a thrill from being on the inside track of a brand or business that they love. Target your VIPs with special offers or business updates directed specifically to them. You probably have a pretty good idea of who your top spenders are, but with a few taps in GlossGenius, you can pull up the stats on your most valuable clients with our quick and easy-to-read Reports.

Head to More > Reports > Most Valuable Clients, select the time period you’re interested in, and tap Send in the top right corner. You’ll get a list of your top 10 clients in seconds via email, letting you know exactly who they are and how much they spent during that time period. Now you have that information to hand, you can whip up a personalized email or text marketing campaign to that exclusive group in minutes. Be sure to include in your message that this promo is super-selective and only available to your most-valued clients, so they feel extra special.

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