5 New Accent Colors, Chosen by You

Branding is essential to any business, but when it comes to the beauty biz, your brand isn’t just a marketing tool, it’s part of your artistic DNA. As a platform built specifically for independent businesses, we know you live, breathe, and think in color – so when it comes to your booking site, creative control is a must!

Here at GlossGenius, co-creating with the beautiful minds who use our app is a given, which is why we’ll always empower you to help pick what pops up next. This time around: Accent Colors. These are the shades that show up on your website buttons and highlight bars. They not only make it easier for clients to navigate your site, but they showcase your brand with a hue that speaks to who you are and what you do. 

These accent colors are so exciting for us to announce since they are specifically handpicked by beauty pros! As the only platform built by and for beauty professionals, we want our members to express their best selves, and build a brand that speaks to their unique talents and identity. 

So, when we received thousands of comments on the colors beauty pros said were trending and wanted us to include in the app, we heard you loud and clear. We're excited to announce GlossGenius' newest accent color additions, all handpicked by you!

New Neutrals 

The only thing creatives like more than color is a blank slate to let their self-expression shine. That might be why the call for neutrals was so strong. Demand poured in for shades of gray, a spectrum of nude tones, and even an earthy variety of warm whites (think eggshell, ivory, or creamy beige), but Set The Tone and Made of Steel were the ones to beat. 

Green Queens

If we had to pick one color leading the polls, every other shade would be green with envy (see what we did there?). Real talk: we saw requests for sage, forest, and even lime on repeat in the comments, so we’re not surprised that Emerald Envy and First Million made the final cut. 

Pretty in Purple

As much as you creatives love a bold pop of color, you’ve also got a sweet spot for the softer shades. Whether you’re here for the pastels or just partial to a Taylor Swift reference, you can expect to see Lavender Haze showing up on your GlossGenius app. 

Pop into the app and customize your colors with one of the 21 current hues by tapping More > Settings > Website > Choose Accent Color, then select the option you want for your site. Not a part of the GlossGenius community yet? It’s not too late to become a member of the only all-in-one booking and payment platform built uniquely for beauty professionals, sign up for your free trial here.

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