6 Easy Salon Decor Tips That Will Make Clients Love You

Think of your salon as your workspace, creative lab and haven for clients. Here’s 6 easy salon decor tips you can do today that will make your salon look stunning and keep your clients coming back:

1. Have a Coffee/Tea Station

Welcome your clients with a smile and an offer for a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Adding a little space with a single-cup coffee maker is both useful for you (we all have those days where we need coffee!), and can make your guests feel more comfortable.

2. Place Service Menus and Business Cards

Design unique business cards and service menus that clients can easily take away. When a client picks one up, ask them “Share it with a friend!”.

Pro-tip: Put a loyalty card on the back of the business card. Research has shown that loyalty/rewards programs have the power to increase client retention dramatically!

(By the way, GlossGenius makes it easy for you to apply discounts when checking out clients. That makes it super easy for you to offer these awesome rewards to clients!)

3. Decorate Easily With Wall Decor

Get a clock! Always keep track of your time for appointments - your phone might not always be on you.

Use vinyl decals: a cheap way to decorate your walls and also impermanent. That way if you need to move studios, it’s easy to change it up without breaking your budget. Here’s a cool vinyl decal below:

4. Offer a Phone Charging Station

Make it easy for clients to decompress and charge their phones while you make them look fabulous.

5. Look Professional With Organized Shelves

Having a neat workspace is also a sign of professionalism. Here are some nice organizational techniques that other beauty professionals have used:

6. Increase Relaxation With Plants

Research has shown that plants seem to increase happiness, creativity, and productivity in workspaces.

Keep a few flower pots to brighten up your studio’s colors! If maintaining fresh flowers is too much upkeep, you can buy some small succulents which are Insta-worthy.

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