2024 Planning: Leveling Up in the New Year

The beginning of the year is a prime time for businesses to start anew with lofty goals, new budgets, and refreshed energy. Maybe you’ve already jotted down your personal list of New Year's Resolutions, but how will you make the most of the year ahead as a business owner and beauty professional?

From learning something new to looking back at your success, here are our top tips for leveling up in the New Year.

Know Your 2023 Numbers

First things first, knowing your numbers gives you a reason to look back at your successes over the last year and celebrate how much you crushed it! And as you look ahead, having an understanding of these metrics gives you a solid starting point for setting new annual goals. Want to bump up your gross income for 2024 or ramp up your retail sales? The goal setting begins with a few easy-to-read reports that will get you familiar with those numbers and closer to your goals.

Decide Whether to Raise Your Prices

When you work for yourself, there’s no HR around to remind you that your annual review is coming up, so we’ll be that person for you – and we think you deserve a raise. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been in business for a year or you’ve got decades of experience under your belt, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to check in on your income, reflect on your rates and ask yourself, “Is it time to raise my prices?”

Give Your Booking Site a Makeover

Transformation is often the theme come January 1, and your website shouldn’t be left out of the “new year, new me” conversation. If you don’t yet have a website, or it’s been a while since you’ve given it a good once-over, now’s the time to hit the refresh button. You don’t need a fancy graphic designer or an IT team to have a beautiful booking website. You can give yourself a polished digital presence in a few clicks with GlossGenius’s easy-to-use website builder created specifically with beauty pros in mind.

Embrace New Marketing Strategies

Yeah, word of mouth is cool, but have you ever tried SMS marketing? One of the easiest ways to level up your business this year could be a simple text message or email away. Quick, customizable, and delivered directly to the devices your clients can’t live without, these easy marketing tactics reap huge rewards. GlossGenius’ salon booking software includes complimentary email and SMS marketing tools, including AI tools like Genius AI, to quickly and easily reach clients in your contacts list, individually or en masse.

Look to Others to Learn Something New

Remember that there’s always someone who’s been where you are. If you need a little mental expansion going into 2024, our Community Spotlight series is a good place to start, where you can hear from others who have been in your shoes. This collection of stories features innovative GlossGenius Educators and Ambassadors who go above and beyond, not only to educate but to inspire and empower fellow professionals with the tools to succeed.

Consider Working With a Business Coach

There’s no shame in calling for backup when you have dreams that are bigger than you’ve ever imagined. Whether you’re just getting started or if you’re a seasoned pro, just because you’re independent doesn’t mean you have to go it alone – enlisting the help of a professional business coach or simply cozying up under the wing of a trusted mentor can take your career to new heights in the year ahead.

Put Your Personal Goals First

At the end of the day, your business was built because of you – your dreams, your talent, your vision. It’s important to strategize for success in the year ahead by focusing on what you’re doing differently for yourself. Want to work fewer days? Ready to expand your business by hiring your first employee or scouting a second location? Need to set better boundaries with certain types of clients? The best version of you is going to produce the work that keeps clients coming back for more, so take some time to look inward, prioritize your personal goals, and look forward to your biggest business upgrade yet.

Reaching your next level as a salon professional is only a few taps away. Sign up for GlossGenius today and ring in the New Year with a free 14-day trial of our all-in-one booking and payment system created specifically with beauty pros like you in mind.

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