10 Sanitization & Safety Tips for Your Salon

Getting closer to reopening your salon is really exciting and we too cannot wait for that day but before you start creating it’s important to remember that you and your clients’ safety comes first. Here is a list of 10 sanitization and safety tips that you can use for your salon when it’s time to start seeing clients again. Note that this list is meant to be a helpful set of guidelines, but you should also always make sure you’re following your state’s latest requirements around whether and how you can reopen. 

1. Ask Clients Health Questions Before Their Appointment

24 hours before a client's appointment, ask them if they’ve experienced any of the following: cough, fever, shortness of breath, or if they’ve been around anyone with those symptoms in the past 14 days. If they have, ask them to reschedule their appointment for another day. If you’re using GlossGenius, you can add in custom language to email reminders that go out to clients in advance of an appointment to check on their health status. 

2. Take Client’s Temperature Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, take your client’s temperature with a touchless infrared thermometer. Any client with a temperature of 99 degrees or above should be sent home immediately and their appointment should be rescheduled for another day (14 days after they’re fever-free). Check up on them again the day before their rescheduled appointment to make sure they’re okay!

3. Have Clients Wash Hands Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, require clients to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and also wash your hands in front of them to see. During this time, you can let them know the other sanitization procedures you’re doing in your salon so they trust that they’re in a safe space.  Make sure to have antimicrobial soap at your hand-washing station and paper towels they can throw away.

4. Ask Clients to Wear a Mask

If you’re able to perform their booked service without touching their face, ask clients to wear a mask to their appointment. You may also want to consider providing clean, sterile masks for clients to wear. While this may seem like an impersonal client experience, let your clients know that you are taking the precautions you can to protect themselves and you.

5. Wear Your Own Protective Gear

Wear a mask during appointments to also protect yourself. If you’re comfortable, you could wear a face shield if you have one and wear gloves when performing a service for clients. Whenever you need to come into contact with a client, wear the protective gear you can to make sure that there is the least amount of skin-on-skin touch as possible. Always change out your personal protective equipment for new, sterile gear between customers.

6. Limit # Of People Who Come to the Salon

Let clients know that they are the only ones allowed to be at the salon at the time of their appointment to limit traffic coming through the salon. You could also have them wait in their car until your previous client has left and text them when your salon is ready. Ask them to leave their kids at home if possible and to not bring anyone else in. If you’re using GlossGenius, you can make a note to clients in email reminders that go out, update policies on your website or even post updated policies through GlossGenius social templates. 

7. Have Clients Pay With Card Only

Require clients to pay for their services with card only and let them know that you will not be accepting cash or checks. This will allow checking out a client to be touch-free. If you require a client signature, offer them a clean & disinfected stylus with a glove to sign.If you’re using GlossGenius, an even easier way is to require a card on file for a booking reservation and that way a client’s card info is all set to go. 

8. Remove Unnecessary Items From Waiting Areas

Remove things that people are likely to touch in your waiting area like beverages, snacks, magazines, newspapers, service menus, or business cards. Since clients may be waiting outside until you’re ready anyways, these items will not be needed. Also remove any throw blankets, throw pillows, or any textiles that are not easy to clean between appointments.

9. Limit Service Offerings

If you offer services that require multiple steps of contact, think about how you can divide this up into separate appointments or what you can ask of clients to do at home. For example: if a client is coming in for a haircut, ask them to wash their hair at home or don’t offer a blow dry after color. Also think about what services you can temporarily take off the menu until you feel safe to offer them again. If you’re using GlossGenius, an easy way to do this is to update service descriptions and service availability with ones you want to show on your website and those you don’t.

10. Disinfect Everything Between Clients

Make sure to clean and disinfect your salon, products, tools, protective gear, and all the areas your clients have been in-between appointments. Follow your state’s safety guidelines on proper disinfection but make it a rule of thumb that there’s no such thing as disinfecting too much!

We hope you find this list helpful and we’re so excited for you to get back to what you love doing most. Despite how we’ll have to start adjusting to the “new normal,” we know that your clients’ excitement to see you is now even more if not the same!

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