Top 7 Beauty Influencers on Clubhouse You Need to Know

Let’s be honest here, our industry knows the importance of community—especially this past year. We leverage our connections for friendship, shared knowledge, and brunch partners (because we don’t want to be at a table for 1 springing for bottomless mimosas). Beauty influencers on social media have created communities that can help your growth and marketing.

But how do we keep the conversation going in our industry? And who is a leading voice with insight, experience, and proven results? 

Grab your iPhones and get ready to join the conversations being had by the beauty industry’s top influencers. Our platform of choice today; Clubhouse.

If you haven’t already heard of the iPhone app (Clubhouse for Android coming soon), you’re not alone. The social media app, Clubhouse offers a virtual space to drop in on an audio conversation. Choose, beauty pros, musicians, entrepreneurs or anyone you find to be influential, and jump into the room whenever they’re giving a talk. You can go online anytime and chat with your friends, or join a moderated discussion on a topic that’s important to you.

Here are a few beauty experts and clubs we are obsessing over:

Gina Bianca

Entrepreneur, coach, and color correction expert, Gina talks about subjects like hair salon prices and invites you to join live networking events for stylists, hair salon owners, and educators. She’s blunt, funny, and has tons of useful knowledge. 

Season Bennett

Former corporate VP turned educator, Season Bennett helps beauty professionals make money with social media as "the social barber." She’ll show you how to use your skills through online courses and sell your digital products by using Clubhouse for marketing.

Becca Whitehead

Another great mentor, hairdresser, and suite owner, Becca offers one-on-one business coaching. She built her dream business and wants you to do the same. She shares a lot of her valuable insight in her chats on the Clubhouse app.

Ehlie Luna

Expert makeup artist and content creator, Ehlie (eh-lee), is VERSATILE! You’ll love her work as a makeup and recording artist—featured on Ad week, Paper Mag, and High Snobiety—as well as the beauty and glam topics she discusses and moderates on Clubhouse.


Destroy the Hairdresser

With topics from overcoming imposter syndrome to emotional intelligence, Destroy the Hairdresser offers valuable developmental coaching tips from co-founders David Bosscher and Cyd Charisse. Their 12+ years in the industry as business coaches have equipped them with tools to help you grow as an individual and entrepreneur.

Suite Stylist Society

Business consultations on financial literacy, branding, marketing—what don’t they cover?! Follow the Suite Stylist Society to gain insight on running your business and getting to that coveted six-figure income.

The Beauty Lounge

Created by cosmetics expert Natalie Cardona, The Beauty Lounge is a collective of innovators. Covering topics from skincare to visual storytelling, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration here across a wide spectrum of niches. 

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