Setting the Right Vibe in Your Massage Studio

Creating a serene, soothing environment in your studio is an essential element in the business of massage therapy. When you’re consistently dealing with clients who are in chronic pain or simply need that time on your table to decompress from everyday life, your spa should be as stress-free as possible.

Setting that vibe extends far beyond the time that clients are under your healing hands. Here, we get into how to make the experience before and after just as relaxing.

The Aesthetics and Ambiance

From the second clients enter your space, they should feel a sense of calm to help prepare their minds for the therapeutic experience ahead. Think of ways you can tap into their senses throughout your space – mellow music, relaxing scents, calming colors, and soft fabrics will all set the stage for a high-quality session.

The Paperwork

One of the least enjoyable parts of any massage is the paperwork. Rather than serving up a stack of forms and waivers upon check-in, encourage clients to fill those out in advance so they can focus on relaxing at their appointment. With GlossGenius, you can share a link to the necessary documents in their confirmation and reminder notifications, so they can read, sign, and return those forms up to 72 hours before their arrival.

GeniusHACK: To add forms to your booking confirmation and reminder emails, head to Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Forms and Waivers > Toggle Ask Clients to Complete a Form/Waiver. Under Add Forms/Waiver URL, add the link to where your forms are hosted and opt to include the forms in the client confirmation email 72 hours in advance, in the client reminder email 24 hours before the appointment, or in both.

The Client Notes

When dealing with repeat clients or reviewing new intake forms, take note of all the details you’ve collected so you can deliver an experience beyond expectations. What pressure did they prefer last time? Do they have injuries or pain points to be aware of? Did they enjoy the soundtrack you had playing during their last session? Having these notes saved, and reviewing them in advance, will help you create an environment that is customized to each client so they always feel comfortable and pampered under your care.

The Checkout Process

Don’t undo your hard work getting your client relaxed with an awkward checkout moment. Keep the payment process as stress-free as possible with the GlossGenius app and stunning card readers. Clients can swipe, insert, or tap their card for a seamless exchange in seconds and easily add a tip as well. Better yet, you can keep client cards on file so you don’t even have to go through the checkout in person at all.

The Peace of Mind

As a service provider in the wellness space, your energy is key to creating the right atmosphere. Having peace of mind as a business owner is the foundation for being able to transfer good vibrations, so don't forget to get your insurance in check. Elite Beauty Society provides comprehensive and affordable professional and general liability insurance for your business. Follow this link and select Massage in the drop-down under Choose Your Profession to make sure you’re covered – get those vibes right!

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