Setting Prices as an Independent Hairstylist with Skyler Schrader

We sat down with beauty professional Skyler Schrader to learn how to charge what you're worth as an independent hair stylist while still keeping your prices affordable for your clients.

Skyler’s 6 Tips for Setting Prices as a Hairstylist:

  1. Base your service menu prices on the average income in your surrounding area and the amount of salon products you use on your clients
  2. Account for every penny that goes into your daily salon expenses
  3. Use a la carte pricing to ensure transparency and build trust with your client
  4. A surge in demand for appointment times is a hint that it’s time to raise your prices
  5. Increase your average ticket price by offering as many add-on services as possible for each appointment
  6. Use GlossGenius salon marketing tools to send a positive message about your price increase to get your long-time loyal clients excited

If you want to learn more about how to set your price for services, check out our entire online pricing workshop with Skyler:

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